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Hohner Harmonicas for left handers.
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Soap Music
62 posts
Apr 01, 2021
2:16 AM
Before you have a dig at me (not that l care) l am well aware that this is my problem not yours, or is it?
Watching a left hander has always be a big issue for me, especially musicians. It really hurts the temporal lobe part of my brain. I enjoy watching a top class drummer but not if he's left handed, this also applies to guitarists. But not left handed bassists (to be heard and not seen). I could never watch a film about Billy the Kid (The Left Handed Gun. Paul Newman was seriously miscast in that one, as was Kris Kristoff*fffson in his effort). That was until l found out our kid Billy, was actually right handed - a black and white photo of him had been reversed.
Which brings me to how little l knew about myself. After watching hundreds of harp players on film and live, l never noticed until my bird pointed out that l play harmonica left handed and l am predominantly right handed except for feeding my face and 'dressing' to the left. So, l hold the harp and mic in my right hand, as a right handed person would naturally do and cup and vamp the harmonica with my left hand. No!! That's left handed.
Has anyone got any left handed harmonicas for sale? And would you take a left handed Colt 45 in part exchange?

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Apr 01, 2021
7:27 AM
People have always played harp in various orientations with no ill effects to them or the music.

Michael Rubin (and presumably some others) can play with high notes on either end and switch half way through, rotating the harp. Michael has demonstrated this with me present in the room.

I believe that whichever hand you use to hold the harp and mic only matters to you. It comes down to how you sound, as you well know.

While playing harp past the beginners stage the numbers on the harp cover are really only of use to a player if they can see with their eye teeth.

My recollection from long ago is that Sonny Terry played with numbers on the bottom, low notes to the right, which surprised me back in the '70s when I was attending a show featuring Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee.


Harmonica Bruce has a unique approach to harmonica (and life!!!) and can play every which way.


Pshaw! to your left handed harp Jones! On second thought, I have some Hohners I could modify to be left handed and sell you for only $500 each. I think I could get you a left handed mic for $1000, but for the Colt 45 I can't help you... I don't care for malt liquor and left handed or right handed malt liquor makes no sense to me.

Doug S.

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253 posts
Apr 01, 2021
3:10 PM
I think you’re kind of kidding around but just for information sake, I’m left handed and I hold the harp in my left hand, bass notes on the left as per most players. I can’t help with the colt 45. Gun or malt liquor.
2253 posts
Apr 02, 2021
12:47 PM

Yes, some kidding going on...

I am right handed, but semi-ambidextrous. I usually use my left hand to hold the harp and mic... most of the time. Occasionally I will switch hands, but always have the low notes to the left.

When I use two harps for a song to a vocal mic in a stand (without hand-holding the mic) I sometimes have held one harp in each hand instead of switching harps.

Really, I think that we can use whatever works and is comfortable so we can focus on the music. There is no "right way", there is just what works for us to play whatever and however we want to play.

Doug S.
Soap Music
63 posts
Apr 03, 2021
2:21 AM
Yes, don't take anything l post seriously. Some of it is loosely based on fact but it's either tongue in cheek or self deprecating.
10348 posts
Apr 03, 2021
1:10 PM
Interesting factoid- The famous Billy the Kid photo was printed backwards... supposedly he was actually a righty.

Interestingly, the same thing has happened to some pics of harp players over the years.

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