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Harp players in upstate SC
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Feb 20, 2021
11:43 AM
I just joined this forum. I live in Greenville, SC and would like to find other folks who play blues harp.
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Feb 24, 2021
12:32 PM
Someone may answer but there are also two spots you can look. We have a google map where a lot of harp players have put pins in for where they live, and there is a 'where are you from thread'. You can find both here...

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Jim Rumbaugh
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Feb 25, 2021
7:43 AM
Welcome to the forum.
To your north (NC) is Todd Parrott. If/when he holds his next event, be sure to go. It will give your harp life a big boost.

theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)
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Feb 25, 2021
8:48 AM
Thank you, Mr. Rumbaugh. I know about Todd and hope to see him at the SPAH convention in Charlotte in August, if not before.
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Feb 25, 2021
11:10 AM
On February 10, 2021 I received this expected, but disappointing notification via email:
the SPAH newsletter

2021 Convention Announcement

As you may know, the 58th Annual SPAH Convention was scheduled to be held in Charlotte, NC, from August 10-15, 2021. After considering the alternatives, watching the current progress of the US and international fight against the virus and its new variants, and reviewing alternatives for the 2021 Convention, with very mixed emotions the SPAH Board and Staff has decided to hold the Convention virtually again in 2021: “SPAH Week 2021.”

The Sheraton Charlotte is a fabulous facility with two hotels and a large conference area. We hope to schedule a Convention at the same location in the future. Please join us in thanking Don Ceasar for inviting us to Charlotte, and Marty Gunther and the Charlotte Blues Society for their invaluable support.

Those of you who attended in 2020 know how much fun we had together and how much financial help we provided our performing and teaching community. We are building on what we accomplished in 2020, adding many of the ideas suggested by members and others, to bring you an even better, more comprehensive and exciting event in 2021.

Paramount in our decision was to ensure the health and safety of our members, their friends & families, and the SPAH staff and performers. Hundreds of people playing harmonica in an enclosed space would be a risky business during these times, even with the most optimistic projections for vaccination and immunity for this August. Thanks to all prior attendees who replied to our December survey. We know that many of you would love to attend “SPAH” in person soon, when it is safe. We would too!

With more time to plan than last year, we are focusing our energy to bring you the best event possible. The Entertainment Committee is now recruiting performers, including many of those who were booked to perform in 2020. We will post more in the coming weeks as we confirm participation. The Youth Committee will also bring some of the best Youth performers to the stage during SPAH Week 2021. Our seminar team will soon be reaching out to our teaching community to schedule an even more comprehensive seminar series.

Information about registration for SPAH Week 2021 is published here. Further details will be provided in plenty of time to get your seat!

Please stay safe and healthy.


Volunteer Opportunity
We need volunteers to assist as seminar hosts for the week as we broaden the seminar content. Please email info@SPAH.org with your interest in supporting SPAH Week as a host in 2021. Hosts introduce & assist the presenters, call out attendee “chat” questions when requested, and manage transitions into and out of each break. There are usually two hosts for each seminar series, primary and a backup.

Copyright © 2021 SPAH Inc., All rights reserved.

It is also listed on the SPAH website:

SPAH Convention

I thought it would have been posted here by a SPAH official before now.

Doug S.

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