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Harmonica Lessons Average Price Per Hour
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Jan 04, 2021
11:41 AM
Any suggestions for beginner harmonica lessons per hour? I am not pro but feel I have enough chops to get beginners on the right path.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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Jan 04, 2021
2:33 PM
Hi Kham, I charge $50 per hour and the way people act around here,(California) it's like I am giving it away way to cheap. I am a beginner sort of but feel like I can help those in need of a good start too so I feel my price is pretty fair. Not a pro price but good bang for buck. Good Luck
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Jan 04, 2021
9:54 PM
Back in 2012 I was paying a guy $75USD per hour. That was probably close to top dollar at that time. Later I found several other highly credentialed tutors who were available for less eg $40-$50 zone.

That's quite a while back I suppose.

I've had some tuition from several high profile guys. One was $100 but only $70 if you bought in for a block of 4 lessons. I think a lot of teachers are doing that sort of deal.
The other consideration is the half hour option versus the full hour. Probably depends on what the student needs but I personally think a half hour/45 minutes might be more efficient.
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Jan 05, 2021
11:43 AM
Over the years, I've taken lessons from a lot of pro-level guys, like Dave Barrett, Dennis Gruenling, Ronnie Shellist, Michael Rubin...

The price for a working professional (who either plays for a living or teaches for a living) tends to be around $75-100 an hour. They often offer discounts for lessons in bulk or if you commit. Dave Barrett, for example, used to mandate that his students take two hours of instruction a month. (Either a two hour block or 2 separate one hour lessons.) Dave was teaching harp for a living, though. He also rented a building to conduct lessons, so he needed to factor that into it.

When I taught lessons, I was charging $50 an hour.

It's a really personal question. You're putting time and effort into this. How much is your time worth?
Marc Graci
YouTube Channel
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Jan 05, 2021
9:37 PM
Thanks fellas!
Todd Parrott
1523 posts
Jan 14, 2021
3:42 PM
My rate is $35 for an hour lesson, with no extra charge if the lesson spills over the hour a little bit, which often happens.
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Jan 14, 2021
3:44 PM
@Todd affordable!
I should give you money!
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Jan 14, 2021
6:52 PM
This is a potentially touchy subject. I'm glad you've raised it.

Back in 2012 or so, Billy Branch was charging $100/hr, and that was the top end, as far as I knew.

I don't do much private teaching, but I did a bit of Skype teaching this past summer at $65/hr. I'm well aware that I could charge more than that, and $75/hr would be entirely fair. I may go there shortly. :)

Todd, you're underpriced! You should go to $50/hr immediately, catch your breath, and proceed.

Dennis was charging $75/hr, I believe, last time I looked.

kham: It's partly a question of what the market will bear. Back in 1986, when a dollar was worth a lot more than it's worth now, I charged $25/hr. I just checked the inflation calculator. (CPI Calculator) That's $58 in today's dollars. I think you're safe to charge $50 as a new teacher, but you could also start a little below that, work with a few students, and then raise your rate for all new students.

I should definitely be charging $75/hr. I think that will be my new rate.


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