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Xmas songs, who cares who listens?
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Soap Music
14 posts
Dec 04, 2020
10:26 AM
From 1st December to 1st January hang up your harmonica and/or any other instrument and enjoy the festive season. It ain't the month for quality blues stuff. You deserve a break and let the bluesy part of your subconscious to recharge it's B# batteries.
Christmas is a time for one hit one month wonders, best left to the pop artists we don't listen to unless you have a 5 year old offspring.
I blatantly refused to be apart of a Xmas song with the band l'm with. I'm not up my own backside but l do have some street cred. Leave it to Slade, Roy Wood, Johnny Mathis, what's-his-name out of Wham, Bowie and Crosby and so many others l can't be bothered with. Good luck if you get a one hit, one month wonder. Happy retirement and pension.
That's me saying my bit...

Travis Tritt's 'Silver Bells' a country Christmas songs, great slide guitar and a false ending to die for - l love it.
10321 posts
Dec 04, 2020
10:49 AM
I wrote a Christmas song so depressing (hauntingly beautiful though) that my band refused to play it. It made them depressed.

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Soap Music
15 posts
Dec 04, 2020
11:00 AM
Can l join your band?
I'm available from the 24th to 26th December.

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3215 posts
Dec 04, 2020
4:07 PM
Just so happens Irving Berlins "White CHristmas" sung by Bing Crosby is the number one selling single of all time-
The movie is great too!
3284 posts
Dec 05, 2020
4:21 AM
We've been working on one pseudo-Christmas song, EKP's I Believe in Father Christmas, which to me is not all candy canes and soft sentiment. I have it posted on our Reverbnation page but can't figure out how to get it here as a link.
Suffice to say we are just not into the more traditional songs at all, even the bluesy ones.
Music and travel destroy prejudice.




2936 posts
Dec 05, 2020
7:44 PM
Roy Wood plays a whole bunch of instruments, odd that harp is not one of them.
I am a big fan, but not of that Xmas song—here it is being propped up by Wilson Phillips.
I like this one!
Miles Davis with Bob Dorough on vocals
It’s like Xmas meets “So What” . . .

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3286 posts
Dec 05, 2020
8:19 PM
Music and travel destroy prejudice.




6 posts
Dec 06, 2020
2:56 PM
I hate Christmas music with a few (not one-hit wonders) exceptions:

Eartha Kitt, "Santa Baby"
Ella Fitzgerald, “Santa Claus got Stuck in My Chimney”
Jim Rumbaugh
1369 posts
Dec 06, 2020
5:26 PM
I can say playing Christmas tunes was ENJOYED by the gang I hang with. This year seems a little hollow without doing the classics. I'm looking forward to next year when we can pull out the same old, once a year tunes again , as opposed to the same old once a week same old tunes over and over the other 11 months.
theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)
727 posts
Dec 07, 2020
2:39 AM
Not such a big fan either, though David Ian plays some nice jazzy Christmas-themed tunes

370 posts
Dec 07, 2020
5:16 AM
I like to play a several of the Christmas songs. Silent Night probably one of my favs. It lays out nicely on the harp.
And of course the Dashing Through the Snow song, which was which was written for thanksgiving time back in days of more snow.
Love the history of Christmas traditions. I call it our best pagan holiday though my wife isn't that fond of the expression. It has every thing in it. A guy flying through the air Flying animals, Red noses.
Making people happy.
It's all cool to me.

I figure if Louis Armstrong could play trumpet and Christmas songs. I could get over myself enough to play a few tunes.
Especially in such a bummer of a year.

So yeah glad you asked "who listens"
2269 posts
Dec 07, 2020
10:13 AM
This one got radio play. Harmonica is in the middle

2940 posts
Dec 07, 2020
4:45 PM
Christmas music can be easy on harp, depends on the tune of course – –
I find that oh holy night lays well on the melody maker tuning.
Here’s a jolly tune of the season by weird Al.
Christmas at Ground Zero

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