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California Dreamin + Tab
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Grey Owl
1064 posts
Sep 30, 2020
9:15 AM
Always liked this old Mamas & Papas song and it works out quite well on harp.

Here is the tab of my take which includes the flute solo.

-2 = Draw hole 2
+4 = Blow hole 4
-3*= half step draw bend on Hole 3
-3**= Whole step draw bend on Hole 3
+4OB = overblow on hole 4
-2/-2**= Slide from one draw note to another
(-4-5) draw notes 4&5 played together
(-6gliss-4) = quick slide from draw 6 to draw 4

-2-3*-2/-2**-2 vibrato, -2-3*-2/-2**-1 (fill -1+1-1-2**-1+1-1)
-2-2-2-2**, -3*-3*,-3**-3**,-3*, -3*-2-3*-2-3*-3** (fill +4+4+4+4-3**)
-1-1-2**-1-3*-2 vib, -2-3*-2-2**-1 vib
-4+4-3*-2-3*-2 vib, -3*+4-3*+4-3*-4, (-4-5)(-4-5)(-4-5)(-4-5)(-4-5)(-4-5)-4-5)(-4-5)

2-3*-2/-2**-2 (fill-2-2, -3**-3**-3*) -2-2-3*-2-2,-2**-1
-4*-4*-*4*+4-3*-2-2**, -3*-3*,-3**-3**,-3*, -3*-2-3*-2-3*-3** (fill +4+4+4+4-3**)
-4-4-4-4+4-3*-2-3*-2vib (fill-2-2-3*-2-2-2**-1) -4+4-3*-2-3*-2 vib,
-3*+4-3*+4-3*-4, (-4-5)(-4-5)(-4-5)(-4-5)(-4-5)(-4-5)-4-5)(-4-5)

Flute part:-
-3*vib, -3**/-3*+4, -3*/-3**/-3*, -3**/-3*+4-3*-2/-2**/-2*/-2+4OB-4, +4-4
-2-3*+4-4-3*+4, -3*-4-3*+4, -4-4+4-3**+4-4
-2-3*+4-4-3*+4, -4-3*+4, -4-4, +4+4, -3**-3**, -2**-2**vib

-2-3*-2/-2**/-2 vibrato, -2-3*-2/-2**-1vib, -2-2-2-2**,
-3*-3*,-3**-3**,-3*, -3*-2-3*-2-3*-3**
-1-1-2**-1-3*-2 vib, -2-3*-2-2-2**-1 vib, -4+4-3*-2-3*-2 vib,
-3*+4-3*+4-3*-4, (-4-5)(-4-5)(-4-5)(-4-5)(-4-5)(-4-5)-4-5)(-4-5)
-3*+4-3*+4-3*-4, -5(-6gliss-4)+4-3*-2-2**-2
-3*+4-3*+4-3*-4, +6-5 -4/-4*-3*+4+3-3*-1-2**-2-3*-2

Grey Owl
2896 posts
Sep 30, 2020
10:28 PM
Here is the original recording--same as the M&P version except for the lead vocal and flute solo--
Please enjoy Barry McGuire's harmonica solo.
Just found out that the intro guitar is PF Sloan--he was an interesting person.
166 posts
Oct 08, 2020
12:38 AM
Thx for posting. Very cool - I like - very unique take on all your pieces that you post. But I am confused - what key and position? Original in Dbm wasn't it? Or E? Sorry to askā€¦ Your's is maybe in Gm with the All .... brown as the minor tonic of G and you are playing 2nd pos? Your backing track adjusted from Dbm to Gm?

Last Edited by Shaganappi on Oct 08, 2020 10:58 AM
Grey Owl
1065 posts
Oct 09, 2020
10:48 AM
Thanks Shaganappi. Love this M&P's take. Yes I think it's in Dbminor. My BT is in G minor and I'm playing a C harp in 2nd position.

Grey Owl
2898 posts
Oct 10, 2020
8:00 AM
I bet John wrote this song in Am and capoed up for the vocalist.
Grey Owl
1066 posts
Oct 10, 2020
9:04 AM
Gnarly. Yep. I mean, who wants to play guitar in db minor!

Grey Owl
2184 posts
Oct 10, 2020
12:10 PM
Isn't Db minor the relative minor of E?

Doug S.
167 posts
Oct 10, 2020
8:37 PM
Grey Owl, I have something that may interest you. Send an email to BeatTabNotation@gmail.com and I will reply.
2899 posts
Oct 10, 2020
8:58 PM
@Grey Owl John played 12 string a lot--he definitely used a capo a lot.
@dougharps Yes, but most of the chords would be barre chords--C#m B A B G#--sounds good, but requires that strong left hand--most folks don't use their left hand for much.
And thanks again for being a prince and lending me your guitar at SPAH.
2185 posts
Oct 10, 2020
11:03 PM
I enjoyed this song when it was first played on AM radio. I only heard the M & P version until now. I had only heard Barry McGuire on "Eve of Destruction".
Nice expressive harp rendition of "California Dreamin"!

I have a limited guitar skill set. I can't play clean barre chords and mainly play cowboy chords, so I would want to capo it, too.

I was driving to SPAH and was happy to bring a guitar along for the ride so you could play. Anyway, I think I owe it to my guitar to let actual guitar players use it on occasion. I think it behaves better for me after a decent player uses it.

Doug S.

Last Edited by dougharps on Oct 11, 2020 5:52 AM
Grey Owl
1067 posts
Oct 11, 2020
8:04 AM
Thanks. Yep me too, I would definitely capo this.
Coincidently, I just watched the first part of a two part documentary called Laurel Canyon last night, which featuredĀ  intimate portraits of the artists who created a music revolution in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles during the 1960s and 70s. Well worth a watch and of course it covered the M&P's and there was John playing California Dreamin on Capo4.

Grey Owl
2900 posts
Oct 11, 2020
12:26 PM
John is a controversial figure but what a band!

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