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you got me hidin
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607 posts
Nov 03, 2019
6:59 AM
498 posts
Nov 03, 2019
8:44 AM
Very nice!
953 posts
Nov 03, 2019
10:00 AM
I personally dont watch your videos anymore

I know your a very good player and your video''a are great but I don't recall you making any contributions to the forum in the few years I have been a member, besides YT video's.

So its obvious to me your just posting for YT hits. IMO, Not cool!

This forum has a lot to offer and I'm sure you do aswell. Give it a try!

Last Edited by Harpaholic on Nov 03, 2019 10:05 AM
608 posts
Nov 03, 2019
10:30 AM
Thank you robbert!
303 posts
Nov 03, 2019
2:13 PM
Hakan - I quite enjoy your videos. And I’m truly impressed that you play so many different styles & genres. Shows us what the harp is capable of - which is a noble contribution. But if you don’t want to share any written inputs or opinions that’s Okay IMO (pun intended) - there’s no shortage of opinion these days.
574 posts
Nov 03, 2019
9:42 PM
I'm with Harpaholic.There a few guys who don't add to our little community at all in the way of comments on others posts or actually on anything at all aside from using us a captive audience.
Hakan(and the others) can play for sure but i've started looking at their posts as being Ads like i see on TV.
This could make for an interesting discussion,as long as we keep it civilised .
6251 posts
Nov 04, 2019
3:14 AM
We-ell, it’s been a while, but Hakan has been more involved in the past; not all those 600 + posts are videos (that would be some achievement!)

Looking back a few years, some of those video posts were lessons too.

I’m yet to watch this clip. I’ll check it out later.
6252 posts
Nov 04, 2019
3:25 AM
It also occurred to me that Hakan is not a native English speaker, so maybe written posts are a bigger effort than for most of us..
Anyway, that’s a pretty sweet video.
I don’t see too many like that. Thanks, Hakan, I enjoyed it and good chops displayed as always. I like the kitchen videos and the acoustic presentation.
10185 posts
Nov 04, 2019
8:35 AM
I'd watch Hakan's videos even if he never said another word. Hakan may not post on a lot of other people's videos but if you ask him a question I've never known him not to answer. Like Superbee said, Hakan has a long posting history that includes more than just videos.

I've learned a lot watching him over the years. I try to watch as many people's videos as I can, but some days it's just great to be able to click on a video and know you are going to hear great music.

Another cool thing is to watch players as they progress. Hakan has always been a good player but if you watch his videos over time you can see how he's dialed in the recording and basically learned Americanized pronunciation in his signing. If you watch Adam's videos you can watch his singing develop from someone who mentions he isn't really a singer to a confident singer. (Of course, Adam is a prolific poster too). It's great to see a long stretch of someone's playing/singing/recording skills evolve.

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609 posts
Nov 04, 2019
8:57 AM
Thanks for your comments. I'm a little bit surprised about the directions of these discussions, but not very much since I know this forum! Nothing much to say, I make my Youtube videos and then I upload them. Which is great fun. And I have learned a lot from that the last 12 years and from the rest of the harmonica community on the internet. But if I had gigs once a week I would do that instead. And a few youtube videos every month.
1604 posts
Nov 04, 2019
2:33 PM
If NN (name your favourite blues harp hero) posted YT videos here while not submitting as much as a single word by way of comments etc, I´d still be happy to check him out, if I liked the playing.

If I had a camera myself with a decent microphone, which I suppose Håkan has (yes, there´s supposed to be a diacritical mark there, makes the "a" sound like the a in "all") I´d make lots of videos.
The Samsung phone only goes so far.

from Sweden
226 posts
Nov 04, 2019
2:43 PM
tack för videon
Keep them coming....

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