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Dabell Harmonicas at RR
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Steve Harvell
247 posts
Oct 17, 2019
1:02 PM
Rockin Ron will start selling Dabell Harmonicas in about 2 to 3 weeks...he just ordered them from Benny in South Korea yesterday and it will take some time to set up the links etc so he ask that folks be patient...Both the Noble and Story will be for sale, The Noble with the sealed maple comb will be $58 and free USA shipping and the Story will be $40 and free USA shipping..both are fantastic harps!

Below is a short video demonstrating them...please be kind
about my playing...I have been battling Multiple Myeloma bone cancer since 2009 and in Jan. of this year it came back so strong that Duke Medicine in Durham said there was not much they could do for me...I lost the feeling in my lower jaw and lip...94% of my bone marrow was tumors....I was so weak I could only walk a few feet at a time..

They asked if I would be interested in a drug research program where I would be a test subject and had to sign a 28 page release form..after 2 days of the chemo pills I almost died from so many dead cancer cells being released into my body...took 2 days off from the chemo and had blood transfusions...started back and in April on my twice a week checkup they told me they could not detect cancer in my body with every test they could perform...

The feeling came back in my jaw and lip and now I am back to playing the harmonica again...still not up to par as I was but getting better everyday...

Do not take life for granted my friends...enjoy everyday and second and be kind to everyone and everything (animals)...

Last Edited by Steve Harvell on Oct 17, 2019 1:27 PM
6212 posts
Oct 18, 2019
3:35 AM
I’m sorry to hear you are going through that, Steve. I am glad that you are still kicking though.
Thanks for the Dabell update, I heard of those a while back but then not much. Will be interesting to see how they go. The market is getting a few more players of merit lately
3618 posts
Oct 18, 2019
8:10 AM
@ Steve Harvell -- Do you know what the tuning is on it? Is it a compromise, equal temeperament or some form of just intonation?? The cover plate screw setup on the wood comb model is much like the Manji or if you got a custom from the Filisko guild of customizers.
Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA
CD available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bbmaglinte
10181 posts
Oct 18, 2019
2:06 PM
Todd P. mentioned them a bit back. Said they were really nice. I'll have to give one a try.

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Todd Parrott
1504 posts
Oct 18, 2019
3:24 PM
Yes, they are very nice harps, and the ones I have are in Equal Temperament tuning. I don't own any of the recessed combed harps, only the Nobles on wood and maple combs.

Thanks, Steve, for the great video!
Steve Harvell
249 posts
Oct 18, 2019
3:57 PM
Hi Bob.....both models...Story and Noble are Equal Temperament tuning.
12 posts
Oct 23, 2019
9:33 AM
Thanks for the video Steve . I ordered my Story and should be here today or tomorrow
Glad to see you better at this time . My wife has been battleing lung cancer now for 6 years and is on Immunotherapy . It's really helping her
424 posts
Oct 23, 2019
1:41 PM
Hello, Steve. I'm glad you're feeling better. I have a mild brass allergy and was wondering if the Noble has a thick piece of brass sticking out from the reed plate like the Easttops and Kongshengs have.

Last Edited by DanP on Oct 23, 2019 1:42 PM
Steve Harvell
250 posts
Oct 24, 2019
8:00 AM
Hello DanP.....yes there is a small piece of the reedplate showing but it is very slim...if you go to my FaceBook page(I am Dempsey Harvell) I have pictures there of the Noble that you can enlarge and see for yourself....I think most sand which style harmonicas will have that grove for the cover plate to rest in ...If it is enough to trigger your allergies I have no way of knowing...but you can also go to Rockin Rons website and at the bottom of the home page there is a link for the Noble and once you get there click on the picture and you get a really good up close photo there that you can see for yourself what you need to know....Thank you. Steve Dempsey Harvell

Last Edited by Steve Harvell on Oct 24, 2019 8:00 AM
428 posts
Oct 24, 2019
11:36 AM
Thank you, Steve, for your review and response. If I decide to purchase one, it will be from Rockin' Ron. I've bought harps from him in the past and as you and many people on the forum know, Ron has great, super fast service.
Steve Harvell
251 posts
Oct 24, 2019
4:53 PM
DanP.....The Story model is one of the best harmonicas I have ever played....in the Top 5....It is cheaper in price compared to the Noble...
430 posts
Nov 06, 2019
12:42 PM
@Steve Harvell. I bought a DaBell Story harp from Rockin' Ron and I'm very pleased with it. It may be the most responsive harmonica I've ever played. Quick reed action with no air leakage whatsoever. I like how the cover plates are opened up in the back, similar to the Suzuki Manji, for good sound projection. I'm very impressed with the Story model. Thank you for the recommendation.

Last Edited by DanP on Nov 06, 2019 12:44 PM
Steve Harvell
254 posts
Nov 06, 2019
2:41 PM
Glad you like it DanP...it is one more kick ass little harmonica and for the price too...Dabell has got it seriously going on :)

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