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Good Beginner Youtube teacher
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Apr 05, 2019
1:13 PM
Now, I love Adam, Jason, Ronnie, and everyone else. But I was asked for a good beginner teacher on YouTube, and the guys I follow are all intermediate/advanced. Where should I point them? I don't think this person will pay for bluesharmonica.com
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Apr 05, 2019
1:20 PM
Make sure you send them this link:

Gussow: basic blues harmonica questions answered [playlist]

Beyond the Crossroads: The Devil and the Blues Tradition

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Apr 07, 2019
3:59 PM
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Apr 13, 2019
8:56 AM
I'd add learntheharmonica.com with Liam Ward, who has been at it a long time and has lots of free lessons.

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