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Iceman improv at Todd's N.C. Harpfest, 2019
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The Iceman
3806 posts
Apr 05, 2019
9:01 AM
Thursday night electric on stage blues jam, 3/28/19.

This was my first harmonica event attended in 17 years (since the Golden Age of SPAH) and the first time on stage with a band in front of an audience in 9 years.

Having not embraced the "lick/pattern based playing philosophy", this is total in the moment improvisation.

Also, having promoted over the years what I call "the beauty of the vibrating reed", playing directly into the PA w/out effects to "fatten" or "dirty" the sound, this is the result.

(However, if the gig calls for "dirty Chicago TB fat", can do that, too, with a vintage Princeton amp, a Ruskin mic and a switch from single note to TB style).

The Iceman
79 posts
Apr 05, 2019
9:39 AM
Very thoughtful, and subtly technical playing (if that makes sense). Really nice stuff, Larry.
524 posts
Apr 05, 2019
11:15 AM
I really enjoyed that. Thanks
The Blind Doughboy Music Factory

Backwoods luthier specializing in resonator guitars
833 posts
Apr 05, 2019
1:07 PM
very sweet and nice bend control
The Iceman
3808 posts
Apr 05, 2019
1:52 PM
Thanks, guys. Bend control = everything I've posted about "It's the TONGUE that controls the bend, and minimal tongue movement at that".
No throat bending here - heh heh....;>)
The Iceman
3341 posts
Apr 05, 2019
3:36 PM
I think youre messing with me on the throat bending iceman..….but still I can do it...…….so can todd parrott
ted burke
758 posts
Apr 05, 2019
4:00 PM
Very fine, Larry. I like your tone and easy fluidity. You've been overdue to post a video here. Nice one.
Thievin' Heathen
1128 posts
Apr 05, 2019
7:32 PM
I was going to be content letting this sleeping “throat bend” dog lie, but since it seems to have stirred again...,
From Steve Baker's The Harp Handbook, How to Bend Notes, “in order to make this happen you have to alter the shape of your vocal tract”. I think this altering of the shape of the vocal tract is where people might be getting the idea that they are throat bending. I'm sure it's only a matter of semantics.
3342 posts
Apr 05, 2019
7:59 PM
when I bend......my tongue is on floor of my mouth with no movement......but yes flow of air is over top of my motionless tongue...….
Thievin' Heathen
1129 posts
Apr 05, 2019
8:17 PM
I'm altering the shape of my vocal tract.
5865 posts
Apr 06, 2019
1:35 AM
Nice, Ice. Thanks for posting the video.
The Iceman
3809 posts
Apr 06, 2019
4:10 AM
I rescind the "throat bend" comment. It's been done to death already. I was just ;>)'ing....
The Iceman
3343 posts
Apr 06, 2019
10:21 AM
you rocked on stage larry………..if youre not on stage near home you should be...……..
3344 posts
Apr 06, 2019
2:19 PM
and the throat bend thing was funny to me...….and laughter is great therapy...….again.....Ive seen you perform and was very impressed
The Iceman
3811 posts
Apr 06, 2019
3:48 PM
groyster - thanx.
The Iceman

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3345 posts
Apr 06, 2019
6:40 PM
peace&joy brother...……..durham was great event
263 posts
Apr 07, 2019
5:59 PM
I enjoyed the video, Iceman! Please post more frequently. :-)
314 posts
Apr 08, 2019
3:55 AM
Cool as Ice! Nice to see an example of all your talk.

Also I just noticed (since I don't post much)that I have been a member here now for just over 10 years based on my footnote. My playing has improved because of members like Iceman who have offered lots of advice over this past decade.
MBH member since 2009-03-24
759 posts
Apr 08, 2019
6:05 AM
I've found Iceman's notions about tongue placement very helpful in improving my bending accuracy. When things are coming out sloppy I focus on that and it helps. More recently I've been working on blow bends, which I was never able to figure out. Focussing on toungue position, instead of the weird contortions I'd been doing, finally made them make sense. Combining that with Harp Ninja for feedback is making a big difference. Next up: overblows?

10081 posts
Apr 09, 2019
7:47 AM
gmacleod15, that means you were on here even before me. There aren't a lot of the old timers left. I wish there was a field for how long someone has been a member. The best we can do is try to find their earliest post.

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Todd Parrott
1485 posts
Apr 09, 2019
9:48 AM
I was there! It was a pretty cool moment!
12 posts
Apr 11, 2019
9:50 AM
Wow, that was very impressive and enjoyable.
Jeff B
Johnny Charles
94 posts
Apr 11, 2019
5:05 PM
Nice job Larry!
1080 posts
Apr 13, 2019
8:46 AM
Another long-time member breaking radio silence here to thank you, Larry, for the sample of your music and for all your helpful advice to this forum over the years.
1171 posts
Apr 13, 2019
10:12 PM
what Mr So&So said!

(first post Apr 07, 2008!)


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The Iceman
3816 posts
Apr 14, 2019
10:28 AM
Glad you folks who've commented here (kinda interesting who did and those who didn't, too) like the clip...I know how important it is to "walk the walk" after talking the talk.
The Iceman
1939 posts
Apr 14, 2019
3:22 PM
Got a chance to watch the complete video today...


It was clear previously from your posts that you knew your stuff theoretically, and I saw the workshop demo showing you are skilled with overbends.

However, it was really great to see a recording of you in action, in the moment, making live improvised music.

I look forward to future videos of your playing.

Doug S.

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21 posts
Apr 18, 2019
4:06 PM
Me likes.
212 posts
Apr 19, 2019
6:59 AM
Very nice tone Iceman. Its a nice change to hear a clean harp directly into the PA without an amp. I should do that more.

Anyway, enjoyed that.

Jim McBride
Bottle 'O Blues microphones

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