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Indi Bill
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Feb 24, 2019
4:59 PM
Hi, just wanted to let you all know that I am new at this. I just got my new Special 20 harmonica, and MAN!! did I found it to be a difference between between a Chinese HotMetal and the Special 20!! I started about 9months ago and wanted to get in to playing a harmonica. I am fair and I know I got a way to go before I get better. I'm 64 yrs. and retired so I got plenty of time. I hope you all can barely with me and I will calling you all from time to time. Thank you for your time and Peace be with you all.
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Feb 24, 2019
5:08 PM
Welcome to the forum. :)

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Feb 24, 2019
5:13 PM
So Bill, we have at least 2 things in common, our age and harmonica. Great that you have picked it up. I'm an old hand, self taught mostly. There is such a wealth of information and so many good people here, you have joined a good group. Feel free to hit the links at the bottom of my post.
Sp20 is a good harp although I moved on to other models mostly. I'd buy one again as needed.
Stick around, check out Adam's lessons, ask questions, and have a good time!
Music and travel destroy prejudice.



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Feb 26, 2019
1:52 PM
welcome indi bill ---Great place to learn and ask questions

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