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Something different
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Dec 03, 2018
8:17 PM
Jammed with this guy a year or so ago and he asked if I wanted to be in a video. I said yes, with no idea of band or song, and this is the result. One hour of rehearsal and a few takes in a burger joint in Bondi.

BronzeWailer's YouTube

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Dec 04, 2018
3:05 AM
Looks like there were a couple passes on the audio/video. There are a couple spots where I hear you playing but you aren't playing!

(Way back when I was in high school our choir got to perform for the local PBS stations Christmas concert. They did at least three takes of each song with video for each. Unfortunately we had these old wool choir robes and under the lights people kept passing out. The spliced together video at the end had a few weird spots where things panned one way and then panned back and someone was missing because they'd fainted!)

Cool video. :)

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Dec 04, 2018
3:53 AM
Nice! I like that.

The singer's voice sounds familiar, but at the moment I can't quite place who he sounds like (maybe he just sounds like himself)
The Blind Doughboy Music Factory

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John M G
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Dec 04, 2018
5:06 AM
Nice one Eric, I like it.
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Dec 04, 2018
2:22 PM
@nacoran: We did it a few times, and I played differently each time, so appear to be "harp syncing" at times.

@Rontana: I think he sounds like himself. He's just 25 years old, so hasn't had huge exposure yet.

@John. Cheers mate!
BronzeWailer's YouTube

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