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Sep 07, 2009
2:17 PM
After my little rant on frequencies, my head got back into researching such stuff. I don't know why certain stuff gets triggered and why I retain certain information. It's not that I generally go around and spout about sitting under a tree and listen for the universal note (even though I have actually done this myself)

Anyway, here is an interesting article I came across this morning. The mention of F# and the great a pyramids, this is interesting for me as I have been very interested in the Pyramids for the past few days.


The Egyptians found that F sharp is the basic harmonic that bridges together all notes.... and within the King's Chamber of their Pyramid designed to elevate their dead or living initiates into the spirit world, they would musically play and sing or hum in F sharp. ( SEE http://seekers.100megs6.com/the%20giza%20enigma.htm .... "Danley took sound measurements within the Great Pyramid, also known as the Cheops Pyramid, using amplifiers and speakers in the so-called ‘relieving chambers’ above the Kings chamber. After measuring the frequency generated, (16Hz) which is below the range of human hearing, he found that it corresponded to the F sharp chord. )

So let's take F sharp or 370 hertz as their base point. This just happenning to have 37 as its base, and 37 is called the Christ Number, and it is here that the Fiegerbaum Constant between matter and non matter resides. (SEE 37 and Fiegerbaum Constant and/or T.O.E. Equations)

But an initiate inside the sacrophagus that was sized exactly the same as the Lord's ARK because of its awesome power capabilities and multiplying effect (SEE Ark and Giza Sacrophagus) is a human, and as a human is phi designed exactly by the Lord to be a generating plant himself. Our bodies have a spinal multiplying effect because of its golden section design. These sections are called chakra's even though I dislike such a word because of its Hindu, tantric origins. Nevertheless the truth is we are phi, or golden sectioned designed. (SEE Golden Section Graphics) This in accordance to the beauty that the Lord's image was meant to have because we are created in His Magnificent Image. (SEE Made in His Image)

But from the graphic you can see that the base chakra or center is six centers or six steps away from the plane of relection or third eye level, where all the power from the root chakra would culminate when our spinal system or Ladder to heaven is energized.

Now don't get squeasy or uncomfortable because we are going from the root chakra to our brains, where we literally see stars, because this uncoiling of the spinal power or phi spiral does not have to be sexual at all. (SEE 33 Levels to Ecstasy and/or Light Speed at Bliss) it can be just spiritual or a mix of both.

For if you get far enough into understanding tantric sex (or even sex itself), they ommit all touching in the higher levels and just concentrate on spiritual union (believe it or not). And so with us, when we absolutely desire to be One with our Creator and Husband (The Lord of Lords -- Jesus) we are doing exactly the same thing except uniting with the true Lord of our souls rather than a counterfeit or a wierd guru tantric master. If we have true ComUNION with Jesus as He told us to do, and focus and concentrate on Him and love Him with all our hearts, soul and MINDS, then we in essense Fall in Love with Him (SEE Physics of Falling in Love) and we center ourselves right down to His frequency, where there is peace and calm and Union.

So what is this frequency..... Well in my opinion, it is 33 hertz (SEE Absolute 33) For among other things, it is at 33 hertz that a charged 'phi' pyramid vibrates at.... and we are the ultimate phi pyramid that the Lord wants to dwell within, even as we will be dwelling within His phi Pyramid called New Jerusalem (SEE New Jerusalem is a Pyramid).

For in confirmation phi is 33 using English gematria because a=1, b=2.c=3, ..... therefore p=16, h=8, i=9 hence phi equals....16+8+9 = 33.

So let's see what happens to 370 hertz from a F sharp chorus of instruments or voices in the Kings chamber as a person estactically tries to let go and phi spiral using his sacred body to the point of bliss.This only is possible though with love because a compression of a wave has to be without friction to be non-destructive .... and so from 370 hertz, he or she would have to allow the spiralling down to less and less hertz as the fire arises in the spine.

And with each level or chakra encountered their would be a division by 1.618 of the hertz frequency ... and lo and behold what does a F sharp starting point end up at but .... 33 hertz

370 (1) Root Chakra (Sexual organs)
370/1.618 = 228 hertz in the next chakra... and on goes the spiral
228 (2)
141 (3)
87 (4)
54 (5)
33 (6) Pineal level (3rd Eye - Plane of reflection).

And so in my opinion, this is partially why the Pyramid was used and why our sacred bodies have power if we are aligned to the Lord. The frequency of the inner King's chamber as discovered by researchers is 16 hertz, just below the level of the human ear to hear, and so if charged via a F sharp ritual, my thesis is that it could reach 16.5 hertz and hence its first octave of 33 hertz in a short lived higher atomic molecular state....within the human brain ... which could project the human spirit.

And in this way, the Steps up the Grand gallery could be fulfilled literally via 108, 109, 110, 111 hertz (SEE 27,28,29 Steps) And seeing that 37, 74, and 111 are all related as we have seen on even the Lord's Magic Square, and that 444, and 666 and 888 are all related to music and prophecy and the correspondance between the Earth and the Moon, then I think there is something to 33 hertz sexually and spiritually.... and it all seems to start at F sharp .... but much more importantly, it all has to start with Real Love. Because nobody approaches the Throne of the Creator without His Son and without real Love for Him.

"The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever."

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Sep 07, 2009
2:41 PM
Fuckin pyramidiots!
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Sep 07, 2009
2:51 PM
Here's a doozy:


T.O.E. Equations Prove Creation


"In the following equations, Jerry Iuliano, shows how different forces and constants are co-related to the same number ......... 36.7872976"

GOLDEN MEAN = 1.618033989...rule of order in living forms systems
Phi = 1.618033989 = (1+sqrt5)/2...COS^-1 in degrees
[COS^-1[((sqrt 5 -1)/4)*1152]........^ (1/Pi) = 36.7872976...


I wonder where that 1152 came from! And where did that sqrt5 come from, and the 4?

Something you'll often see is this kind of crap:

"The pyramid's base has been measured at 452 ft and the pyramid's height has been measured at 143.87606855507338353507092208875 ft
Now 452 divided by 143.87606855507338353507092208875
equals 3.1415926535897932384626433832807. How did the ancient Egyptians know Pi to 31 decimal places?"

Can anyone see what happened there?

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Sep 07, 2009
3:36 PM
I'm not going to chime in with an opinion on the mysticism. I'm not a spiritual person, but everyone is entitled to their own belief. However there is in fact a very simple explanation for the significance of F#.

It's simply the average. It's the football crowd chorus effect. Get enough people singing and the crowd sounds in tune.

If we assume that everything is vibrating - whether this vibration is audible or not - then that's a huge distribution of frequencies. By the law of averages the overall frequency produced with all this 'noise' is the mean of those frequencies.

Take the 4th octave:

C4 - 261.63
C# - 277.18
D - 293.66
Eb - 311.13
E - 329.63
F - 349.23
F# - 369.99
G - 392
Ab - 415.3
A - 440
Bb - 466.16
B - 493.88

The mathematical mean is 366.65 which is somewhere slightly flat of F#.

Now what you choose to take away from that, and how that fits into your view of the universe and all it's amazing interconnectivity is up to you.
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Sep 07, 2009
3:49 PM
Ok Buddha I need to do some research on this and get back to you.
I dig this kind of stuff I usually meet my self coming back man but its good work out for the brain.

Hmm F# right Ok well been quite recently through Summ but I'm gigging 4 or 5 times this week all jazz blows.I'm going to build an F# figure into everything play this week, every impro on every tune. I will try and push my impros and use F# as a spring board irrespective of key,
Two nights this week Ive got class one rhythm sections so should open up well.

Quite funny really see if the punters notice anything new or if I F... up bad ha ha.

Sometimes when Iv'e got jazz gigs back to back I like to try little tricks build them in for example last year I had one figure I kept using as a spring board over everything for a about 3 months man, it was interesting particularly when your reacting off everything else around you.

I will report back next week.Either it was an interesting experiment,I've been kicked out of all the jazz clubs for being utter rubbish or perhaps
I am on the way to the grail.

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Sep 07, 2009
3:57 PM
So are you saying, Buddha, the Egyptians had this all figured out when they built the pyramids?
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Sep 07, 2009
4:11 PM

the egyptians and other ancient cultures had a lot more figured out then we as "modern" people do.

I believe the pyramids are vortex energy generators that were built using a combination of magnetic and frequency resonance. I also do not believe it took 100s of 1000s of men and several decades. I think it may have taken a year or two and only a few hundred men if that.


"The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever."
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Sep 07, 2009
4:42 PM
I'm of two minds. 1 people don't give enough credit to the abilities of ancient cultures (i.e. no way they could have built the pyramids on their own) and 2. People give them too much credit (they had the whole universe figured out but that knowledge is now lost)
keep in mind a pyramid isone of the simplest Architectural designs after post and lintel. A kindergardener can figure these out. (watch a child play with blocks ).
I think it is quite easy to project numerology, astrology, or some other hocus pocus on ancient cultures and their achievements. Just look for coincidences. You can make numbers do anything you want. You want 7 to be lucky? then look for 7 every time something good happens. you will see it. want five to be your lucky number? then look for 5 when something good happens, It will be there too. Politicians do it all the time to make their points. It's amazing to me that the cultures that had it all figured out were quickly overcome by cultures that were clueless but discovered how to make iron.
I'm not against you here, but am skeptical. I winder what Isaac has to say about this kind of stuff.

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Sep 07, 2009
4:51 PM
Like many, I've always been fascinated by pyramids and more so the cultures behind them.

National Geographic on the Egyptian Pyramids


Teotihuacan in Mexico.


There are countless sites (some questionable) online trying to sort out why and how these cultures did what they did beyond self-gratification (my pyramid is bigger than yours - size does matter in getting your soul transported to the heavens)

In the end - pretty darn amazing they did what they did with what they had available (made easier with the lack of unionized labor and labor laws)

I hope you're right about the vortex energy generators for the sake of the poor souls "hired" to do the work. :-)
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Sep 07, 2009
5:51 PM
I just saw a piece on TV where Litle Jimmy Dickens said 3 X 3 =347-Tuesday= 9. Actually I think everything IS !

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Sep 07, 2009
7:10 PM
I have been reading Steven J. Gould, and he makes the point that we should not assume that the old art pieces, for example the cave paintings at Lascaux, were the product of less advanced minds because they are older. Evolution just does not work that way. We have deep roots, that may or may not tune in to deeper frequencies (whatever those are), so whatever makes for good music and good ways to make music in the minds of those who make it, then so be it!

and buddha, you also owe me a harp.... :-)
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Sep 07, 2009
9:22 PM
Don't know much about the sicence of harmonics. But I do know that trying to use science to perputate a particular theology, one loses sight of the true science of harmonics, logic and reason. Anyone can use theology, mythology to prove anything, don't need any facts to back you up. In science you go where the facts take you.
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Sep 07, 2009
9:42 PM

what do you think of the unusual accomplishments of Ed Leedskalin?

"The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever."
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Sep 07, 2009
10:36 PM
Hey, you guys should channel your drugs energy into your music instead of into thinking!

Hey Mr vlong, you started at C. Nice choice!

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The Gloth
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Sep 08, 2009
12:59 AM
Buddha said : "I believe the pyramids are vortex energy generators that were built using a combination of magnetic and frequency resonance. I also do not believe it took 100s of 1000s of men and several decades. I think it may have taken a year or two and only a few hundred men if that."

I believe it has been proven that the construction took years, by thousands of workers that were PAID actually. The registers have been found, indicating how many craftsmen worked in this or that period, wich ones got sick or injured, how much they were paid, etc.

The building of the pyramids not only served religious purposes or the glory of the pharaos ; it assured that, in a period of peace and stability, the egyptian people had enough work and therefore enough income so they could live decently.

As for the text in your first post, I find it totally delirious. There are thousands of books of pseudo-mysticism like that, usually stealing "ideas" one from another, and mixing esoterism, numerology, kabbale, flying saucers and tutti quanti. I advise you to read Umberto Eco's novel "Foucault's Pendulum", it's edifying on these matters (and a very funny book, too).
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Sep 08, 2009
1:18 AM
I guess if you search for patterns long enough, you'll eventually find them. At least that's what I learned from my work in the field of data mining.

No doubt that ancient cultures had figured out a lot of things. And it's really astonishing if you think about what they achieved with so little help from technology.

But I can't help thinking about the jewish mathematician who finds hidden codes within the bible and is convinced that the bible predicts the future. Sometimes interpretation has it's own dynamics - and it's easy to over-interpret things.
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Sep 08, 2009
3:21 AM
Personally I think it's not so significant what our ways of understanding the world is. Even the western science is built on a foundation that is a matter of beliefe. Not everyone agrees with that and this is why it's sometimes called as "scientism".
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Sep 08, 2009
3:40 AM

totally agree - anthropology has things to say about Western maths and science, but it tends to be hidden in the specialist books.

I'm at work at the moment. I guess I'll have to butt out until this evening.

The pyramid workers were not only paid, but there are extant sick records, and there are at least two cases of a person taking the day off literally to take his sick donkey to the vet!

When a pyramidiot tells you "there are no records - we can only guess" he's lying. He's doing what I said - he's saying "there's no needle in that haystack, now prove me wrong!" You don't know how to, and you can't be bothered to, find all the egyptological evidence, so you believe him - it's the route of least resistance. Thats's why it's all a con trick.

No, actually the truth is probably that the con man is not so much a con man as he is ignorant, and it's a case of little things please little minds and bigger fools look on.

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Sep 08, 2009
5:38 PM
If you consider the key of C the people's key as many do, then we must note that F# is in the exact middle of an octave of C to C (13 notes)
The tritone, Devil's interval indeed!

Music Is The Answer!
Michael Peloquin
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Sep 08, 2009
6:12 PM
A very good friend of mine was talking to me about this stuff and harnessing energy through "Masonic Gravity." No supposedly, you used this math to figure out how this dude could lift these big bricks by himself and the Egyptians could build pyramids and whatnot... here's the vid... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM08HAF4uUc

Now, the deal is, they had some pics from some Masonic temple, threw in some math and the end result was the numbers divided amongst themselves or whatever, and all the mysteries were solved.

Now, one of these was a picture they said was a bell. There was a "bell" at the temple, a bell at this dude's house. Somehow, there was math involved. It was part of this overall proof.
But it wasn't a bell. It was obviously a plumb... what we call in W.Va., a "plumb bob," you know a weight dangling on a string that tells you what's level and what's not....

The deal is, if you don't know the difference between a plumb and a bell, I'd say you probably don't have the secrets of the Universe worked out.

My 2 cents. You know I love joking about this stuff, but I find it extremely interesting. Music has the power to make us think about stuff like this.

Serious question, how the hell do we know the Egyptians were getting their groove on with F#, there being a pronounced scarcity of both recording equipment and standard notation in ancient Egypt? As I understand it, this was taking measurements of this room, that was resonant below what the ear can hear. What if it had been resonant at G? Why the hell wouldn't they make it resonant at a frequency they could hear?


But obviously, sound has energy. It can do stuff. You can pluck a guitar string on the fifth fret and if the next string is in tune, the sound energy will make it move. Or when you tune a chord and can hear the individual notes fighting or making peace with one another... That's cool.

F# is a nice key. My favorite key to sit around and play is F#... although I'm actually playing in Db. There is something differnt about it.

370 Hz, sexual? That's one blow on an F# harp, four blow on a Low F#. I play the low F# all the time. I don't recall ever getting off on it. You'd think I'd remember something like that.

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Sep 08, 2009
6:22 PM
"370 Hz, sexual? That's one blow on an F# harp, four blow on a Low F#. I play the low F# all the time. I don't recall ever getting off on it. You'd think I'd remember something like that."

You know the G spot is all wrong... it's really the F# spot. That's why most people can't find the G spot. I of course am Buddha so F# is no problem and if the women is out of tune, I know how to overblow or bend REALLY REALLY WELL.


"The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever."
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Sep 08, 2009
7:00 PM
"You know the G spot is all wrong... it's really the F# spot."

Do you think I should use math to determine the resonance of the chamber? I'd rather measure the dimensions manually.
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Sep 08, 2009
7:08 PM
Someone's knockin' at me chamber door.
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Sep 08, 2009
7:18 PM
Elk, depending on the chick, you might need a ruler or some other measuring device so yes...

"The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever."
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Sep 08, 2009
7:57 PM
My love life has been a little flat lately, but I guess that's only natural. I've let my looks go. I used to look really sharp. Any puns I've made are purely accidental.
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Sep 09, 2009
4:32 AM
ElkRiver, what's your website?
I've got a feeling I've got a bookmark to it (at home)which has never worked.

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Sep 09, 2009
5:51 AM
I'm not sure what to think of the unusual accomplishments of Edward Leedskalin. From what I've read and the pictures I've seen, he did many amazing things. However, for all his seemingly supernatural powers over gravity, electricity, and magnetism, combined with his ability to sing to rocks, he was unable to "seal the deal" with a sixteen year old girl.

My question is: If a man truly had re-discovered the laws of weight, measurement, and leverage, what advantage did he have in keeping such reality shattering information to himself? ....unless it was all smoke and mirrors.

I guess we'll never know, which makes it even more mysterious. I'm not a hardcore disbeliever, I'm just from Missouri. You gotta Show-ME.
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Sep 09, 2009
8:06 AM
Preston, that's where the men in black come in. ;-P

"The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever."
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Sep 09, 2009
10:46 AM
Andrew, it's www.elkriverharmonicas.com
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Sep 09, 2009
11:01 AM
Myself being an electrician, I am extremely interested in Leedskalin's Perpetual Motion Holder theory. I am also a teacher at an electrical apprenticship school, and this could change everything I'm teaching (if it is true).

Then it occured to me: Electricity is currently measured as a wave osillating from negative to positive. Leedskalin challenges this, and says it is actually two waves, one negative, and one positive traveling together in a right hand twist motion(Double Helix).
Isn't sound measured in waves? What if the same is true for sound waves? If the Double Helix is the shape of DNA code of sentient life, and all things are made from one maker (God), it would make sense that the Double Helix exists in everything. Energy included.

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Sep 09, 2009
11:46 AM
I think you will actually find that the pyramids are actually 3 nipples on a much larger statue of Mark Wahlberg that fell over millenia ago.

The statue did channel universal resonant energy through those very nipples and out his...let's say Dirk Diggler. This energy used to be called "good vibrations."

The original people who built this gigantic world wonder were know to themselves - and now us - as "the Funky Bunch."

May the Marky Mark be with you.

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Sep 09, 2009
11:57 AM


When you're ready I have a bunch of stuff I can send you.

"The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever."
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Sep 09, 2009
12:33 PM
There is a distinct difference in the double helix of the DNA code and the single sine wave that represents electical current and while both are found in nature I doubt, preferring scientific proof to conjecture, that there is a religious connection.
If you look at the rotating helix of DNA you will notice that there is never a moment of rotation where it measures as a single sine wave. It is clearly two waves and it is supported by connecting strands.

For Leedskalnin to make the statement that electrical current is two waves he would have had to present a working representation of the double wave and as such, I would venture to say that it would not be travelling in the fashion of the double helix but more like the pattern of a rectified wave on showing repeated 'humps' both sides of the reference line.

Buddha, do you have information on this? I'd like to read more on him myself. I've read some of his stuff from the web and his theories really test conventional thinking. I like that.

Wikepedia, for what truth can be held there, has this definition of him...

Edward Leedskalnin ..was an eccentric Latvian emigrant to the United States and amateur sculptor who, it is alleged, single-handedly built the monument known as Coral Castle in Florida. He was also known for his unusual theories on magnetism.

"Keep it in your mouth" - XHarp
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Sep 09, 2009
12:45 PM
I'll upload some stuff later. I've been pretty busy lately.

I have a few of the books that Leedskalnin has read. I have copies of his books too.

"The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever."
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Sep 09, 2009
12:47 PM
well that's too hard to read. I did a cut and paste from the PDF I have.

Here is a website that has the text.



"The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever."
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Sep 09, 2009
7:32 PM
I'll read more of it later and probably say something about something else, but he says the magnet doesn't point to the magnetic north pole... that's because he has no freakin' clue where the magnetic north pole is. The magnetic poles change. It has changed like four degrees in West Virginia since I was a kid. You get father east and it changes more. I think it's like a 22 degree shift in Nova Scotia or something like that.
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Sep 09, 2009
8:26 PM
I prefer Bill Nye the Science Guy :-)

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Patrick Barker
408 posts
Sep 09, 2009
9:04 PM
lol bill nye rocks
It's all in the tongue
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Sep 10, 2009
6:07 AM
I'll tell you about something I saw back in 1998 or 1997. Month was october. It is something, once seen, could not be unseen.
I was dating my wife in those days, and I was picking her up from work in my manly 1983 Dodge truck (with a 318 engine, 650 Holly CFM 4-barrel carb, Edelbrock single-plane manifold, 3:55 rear end, and custom exhaust... manual steering, manual brakes)...
I was leaning against my truck and looking up at the night sky. I hear a "whoosh" sound. I look up and see this object not more than 50 feet overhead. I could see flames, I don't mean bright light, actual flames and smoke. It was so close I could make out details on the object, it was a dark grey. Then there was this loud "Boom!" and it exploded into three smaller pieces which disappeared.
It happened so fast, I had no idea what I was seeing as I saw it. I do have a bit of a photographic memory and I replayed it my mind. I still can replay that in my mind and see the details of it.
Had I been somebody else seeing this, it TOTALLY would have looked like a UFO that blew up. The sounds were SO WEIRD. IT looked SO WEIRD... but it was a rock that blew up when it broke the sound barrier.
I consider myself extremely lucky to have seen it. Few people get that experience. My dad and I used to catfish on the Elk River all night during the Perseids in August about every year and watch them in come in. I've spent a lot of time looking up at the sky and I see something like that when I'm killing time, waiting for my future wife to get off work.

I think the sonic boom was F#. It was cool, but I was not aroused that I can remember.

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Sep 12, 2009
10:49 AM
Well this F# s.... I spent some time researching and checking it all out.
Practical you understand music related.
Now iv'e read all the posts with much amusement on this thread and come to what I believe to be the answer to all this.

The answer is it dosen't mean anything other than folk who are suffering from the long term side effects of too much blow man, ha ha. Thats what we call it in UK anyway.
Reading through the threads all the usual paranoid effects are there.

Other than that it's the usual 19 to 38 brigade of conspiracy theorists. Yea they grow out of it eventually,depending.

The top and bottom of it all is that F# is F# but what I can inform you all of is that it is not Gb. They are not the same thing.

The threads make very interesting reading by themselves,but you want to play with the bite of Kudzurunner and others my guess is the brain has to be cleared of this kind of thing.

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Sep 12, 2009
2:50 PM
Buy "Pyramidology" by Adam Rutherford. It's a four volume set of books. (It would have been five, but he died too soon.)

The author sets out to prove that the great pyramid was built by God. (One big flaw: The existance of God is assumed. I say extraterrestials built it.)

The amount of knowlege conveyed by the mathematics of the structure is mind-blowing...Stuff the ancients could not possibly have known. The actual construction is unfathomable. Each stone would have to be different, like a huge puzzle.

Way too much to go into here. Get the set if you can.
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Sep 12, 2009
2:57 PM
why do you assume the ancient cultures couldn't have known? Obviously, many ancient cultures are proving the know more than "modern" people.

have you ever sat in silence and do nothing but BE a part of nature? Many things become obvious when you do that. Once you get into the right mindset you can see, hear and feel things you didn't think possible.


"The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever."
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Sep 12, 2009
3:18 PM
If aliens built them, then I am so unimpressed! Besides (One big flaw: The existence of extraterrestrials is assumed. I say Egyptians built them.)

Keep in mind that around the time that the pyramids when being built people were beginning to populate islands in the Pacific ocean by using celestial navigation without the ability to determine longitude in large outrigger canoes! And Stonehenge was built. 200 B.C. the Great wall of china was built. The Moai of easter Island were erected about 1000 a.d. by primitive people. In 1969 a.d. man put a man on the moon. People can do amazing things without aliens or mysticism!
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Sep 12, 2009
3:37 PM
Check out what this clown did with an alien. Is that F# in the background? :-)

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Sep 14, 2009
7:27 AM
It still surprises me how some folks don't believe in God, but do believe in aliens or belittle the accomplishments of the ancients by saying they weren't smart enough to do something.
Maybe it stems from how we are taught in school. I could have drawn the following timeline my school days:
Ancient Egypt: smart
Ancient Greece: Smart
Ancient Rome: Smart
Fall of Rome, A.D. around 400something: ushers in 1,000 years of dumbassery.

People have always been smart. 5,000 years ago, they weren't trying to cure cancer, they were putting their efforts into building pyramids.
10,000 years ago, the problems were different. Caveman days: Somebody thinks, hey, this mastadon has a lot of meat on it. Only it weighs about 50 zillion pounds. Let's make something that can throw a spear from far away so we can kill it at a "safe distance"... invention of the adl adl... or better yet, let's run them off a cliff...
People have always found ingenious ways to solve their problems. This notion that people in the past were a bunch of dumbasses took root during the rennaisance, which happened right after the Black Death... Looking back, they judged the whole medieval world by the black death period, ignoring the great accomplishments of the medieval. Even today, we think of the medieval folks as a bunch of dumbasses, even though they gave us things we use today, like compasses, crop rotation, artesian wells, wheelbarrows, gunpowder, buttons, blast furnaces, food preservatives, horseshoes, clocks, whiskey, mirrors, printing press, watermarked paper, etc.

Have you seen some of this crap, machines and whatnot the ancients came up with? Or the ancient dudes that took the readings on the north star's angle to the earth's axis in Greece and Egypt, compared them and calculated the circumphrence of the earth?

The argument that "these people could not have done X or Y" without some help from some aliens, frankly, as a human, offends me. It belittles our accomplishments. It belittles who we are. What about in Roman times, when they cut up those huge pieces of marble, I mean HUGE pieces of marble IN EGYPT, shipped them across the sea to Rome. If we didn't have records of how they did that, I guarentee people would be saying "they couldn't have done that. Aliens had to move that marble," just like we hear about the pyramids.

The one question I have, if this alien theory is true... why would they give enough of a shit to help people build pyramids? Why pyramids? Why would they care about making some big pyramid to bury some king in? Wouldn't they have better things to do? Why wouldn't they build something that could have improved the earth... LIKE ROADS!!!! OR BRIDGES!!!!

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Sep 14, 2009
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There is so much crazy B.S. out there. I was looking for something on the pole shift, the variations in the earth's magnetic pole. It moves.
I couldn't find a thing. Why? Because all this B.S. that the earth's geographic poles are gonna shift in 2012. There is so much crazy B.S. sometimes, finding real science is looking for pearl in pile of hog turds.

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Sep 14, 2009
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Dave, try "geomagnetic reversal", there's still the aforementioned pseudoscientific, new-age crap, but the real science is there too.

2012 is just a matter of an arbitrary point in the universe, appearing to cross paths with another arbitrary point in the universe, as viewed from another arbitrary point in the universe. All very arbitrary. Oh, and the fact that the Maya counted on toes as well as fingers and their calendar is thus calulated using a base 20 counting system. Quite simply they stopped when they reached their last little piggy.

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