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Free backing tracks and some other harp stuff
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Aug 02, 2009
10:49 AM
If anybody gets into jazzy stuff and needs some backing tracks with chord progression other than 12 bar blues , post here the chord progression ,what key , and I 'll try to help you out .For blues there's already a lot of stuff out there including the Adam's backing tracks.
Here's how they could sound, this is Summertime chord progression and you can use it to practice , come with ideas for the MBH contest :


What's next is stuff that I made for my own use , I 'm thinking that maybe somebody might have some use for it too.

Harp chart with intervals ( overblows included , no overdraws), for second and third position , also a blank one in case you want to make one for a different position.

For all the harp lovers , I have created a custom skin for the Firefox internet browser , that will turn your browser from this: Regular Firefox to this Delta Frost Firefox .
To get this, you need Firefox ( which is an internet browser just like Internet Explorer) and you have to install this little plug in: Personas ,than you have to get the skin that I have created from here : Delta Frost Firefox , just click on "wear this" .
Maybe it sounds a bit complicated but it isn't, it takes just 20 seconds .

This are Jason Ricci's youtube lessons transformed in audio format , so you can burn them on a cd or have them in any mp3 player ( all this was done with Jason's approval):
Audio Lessons

ps: apparently the audio lessons have been deleted from the site where I uploaded the stuff, if anybody is interested , let me know and I will upload them again .

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Aug 04, 2009
5:45 AM
AWESOME! Those charts are EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I have been trying to piece something like that together on my own... and for someone with NO background in theory that was a chore.

the backing track for Summertime is awesome too!
Great post Sorin.. /BEER
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Aug 04, 2009
6:08 AM
Hi Sorin, mate I would be very keen to download Jasons audio lessons if you wouldn't mind uploading them again. I must have missed your post the first time around :)
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Aug 04, 2009
7:29 AM

Great stuff! But your second position chart is missing one square and two notes. On the three draw, the empty square would be the flat 2nd (or flat 9th, as jazz guys term it). And on the 6 draw, you're missing the same note (as well as the square needed to hold it), which is a half-step bend.

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Aug 04, 2009
8:38 AM
Kudzurunner :

The reason why I left that note out was that I didn't see any use for that note in 2nd position , especially in blues context , but of course I might be wrong , I am just a beginner. Can you please explain the use of that note?

Blocker,I'll upload them by tomorrow.
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Aug 04, 2009
8:52 AM
Sure. It's the major 3rd of the VIdom7 chord. A fair number of bluesy progressions use that chord: "Lay Around the Shanty," "What a Day for a Daydream," etc.


is a standard progression of this sort. The note in question becomes a passing tone, in effect, between the tonic of the I chord and the tonic of the II7 chord. (I.e., between the 6 blow and 6 draw). I figured out a few cool riffs using this note many years ago and have shamelessly reused them ever since then.
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Aug 04, 2009
8:58 AM
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Aug 04, 2009
9:46 AM
Kudzurunner: thanks a lot!

Bluzeman: If you follow kudzurunner's lessons on youtube you will see that he often talks about intervals , the ones that start with the "b" are minor intervals( minor 3rd or flat 3rd ) the other ones are the major intervals.
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Aug 04, 2009
5:08 PM
That's a very cool chart. Definitely will have to fill out one for first position too to see various improv choices during the IV chord...
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Aug 15, 2009
2:38 PM
Blocker here's the link , sorry for the delay :
Jasson Ricci audio lessons

PS: the link will expire in like 2 weeks so if you are interested , try to download it soon.If anybody has some space and want to host the files , please let me know.
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Jun 04, 2010
9:13 AM
An updated version of the chart:

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Jun 04, 2010
10:25 AM
Hey Sorin. Those lessons are down again according to the first and last linked website? If it's not too much trouble: I need to sound like Jason by Tuesday;) This is quite generous of you to share this material. dennis

Myspace: dennis moriarty
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Jun 04, 2010
1:20 PM
@Everyone: Is the chart saying what notes are best used over the corresponding chord? It looks as if, but I just need affirmation that my noob-ness is wearing off!
Learning is a journey, not a destination... -BL
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Jul 21, 2011
6:01 AM
How about putting the scale in color on the chart with the chord tone in It? For example the Blues scale could be "blue" and the 2d would be "I" and the 3d' would be "III" etc.?

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