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Jun 12, 2009
11:31 AM

A couple of hours I got word from Kevin Moore, our official "roadie," that the Satan and Adam tour is a no-go.

Sterling lives in a medicare facility. He's allowed 16 nights a year away from it. The year runs July 1 through June 30. He only has two unused nights left before July 1.

The previous administration said: No problem! Book the tour.

The new administration told us TODAY that they are sticking to the rule-book. He only has two nights left.

This means: No Satan and Adam tour.

We will be playing the gig on Kiawah Island, SC this Sunday. Then we'll be turning around and driving home.

I have begun to contact clubs. I am trying to reschedule things for mid-August. I will let you know if that works. World Cafe Live in Philly has already tentatively offered August 13th, a Thursday.

Welcome to the blues life.

I can't apologize, because I've done nothing wrong. But I, we, have still wreaked havoc, or are about to, with this last-minute plug-pull, and it saddens and pisses me off, and also embarrasses me. To say that I've put a lot of work into this tour is putting it mildly. Hopefully we'll be able to reschedule.

Please send all your negative thoughts hurtling towards the Boca Ciega Center's "new administration," whomever they may be. They were implacable, unrepentant. "Maybe you should confine's Sterling's activities to places a little closer to home," they said.
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Jun 12, 2009
11:57 AM
You have my sympathies.

Perhaps Sterling's local congressman
could intervene. Worth asking.

Best to you both.
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Jun 12, 2009
11:57 AM
Adam, does this mean the New Hampshire gig is done? That would help big time for me since I couldn't go before!!!
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Jun 12, 2009
11:59 AM
sounds like utter bullshit to treat a resident/patient like a prisoner or Invalid. Hopefully it gets worked out
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Jun 12, 2009
12:05 PM
How horrible! Damn them I had my hopes up!

Pennsylvania - H.A.R.P. (Harmonica Association 'Round Philly)
Honkin On Bobo
76 posts
Jun 12, 2009
12:29 PM
About a zillion questions have popped into my head as to what kind of arrangement would leave him bereft of the ability to determine his own comings and goings. I'm assuming these are things best left undiscussed.

In any case, my sympathies all around to you on this.
And as much ill will as I can muster toward Nurse Ratchet and her crew.
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Jun 12, 2009
12:37 PM
Aww crap that stinks.

I just came on the site to check on the Philly/NYC dates. I'll pass the word to my fellow HARP members.

Thanks for the update
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Jun 12, 2009
3:47 PM
I was just joking about Adam not showing last night with RYAN because of another issue. He said I jinxed it! MY GOD!

I better call the club - I got 3 tickets, but more disappointed at not getting a chance to see you guys. I am not going into Philly for any other reason.

CRAP! NObody's fault other than the warden of that facility.

WAIT! WAIT! I got it! I say we spring him out. I'm in. Dem slug guards with their machine guns get hit in da head with an A key Marine Band (retrofitted with screws), they'll give him up. I saw Jimmy Cagney do it. On the other hand, maybe he had a revolver......

Dan M.

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Jun 12, 2009
3:55 PM
Adam, I'm ashamed of you. I know you've seen the movie "Crossroads." Ralph Macchio had no problem breaking Joe Seneca out of a maximum security old folks home. Gettin' Mr. Satan out should be a piece of cake! (Of course, getting him back in is another story. :))
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Jun 12, 2009
4:32 PM
that sucks. i was so hyped up to see you guys in philly. i been savin this money just for that occasion. i agree, you should bust him out like in crossroads.
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Jun 12, 2009
10:11 PM
i doubt i would have gotten to one of your shows- i'm in arkansas- but it pains me to read of this. what's the dam deal?? sterling should be master of his own fate as far as comings and go0ings.

i have yet to even do a tout per se but it always drove me nuts to be canceled or have to cancel a date. my motto is, the show must go on! whenever possible. last band i worked with had a guitarist who would drive 6 hours to play here. i'd get a rhythm section and we'd go in and kill. we had a fest gig a few years back and the bassist i had lined up started trying to extort more money out of me. so i un-hired him and ended up with someone better, who also brought a first rate drummer along. then our car broke down and i had to borrow a car for the 1 hour trip to the gig. talk about stress! but we put on a good show that time.

logistics are multiplied several times as you add members. i sure like the duo idea much better. my wife is my partner and we both know the procedure, and when we're leaving, how long we play, how much it pays, etc etc. i never have to just head for a gig and hope my mate shows up- we go together! she is a trouper.

adam, i have best wishes and high hopes that your tour can come together a little later. and maybe a little rock date in there someplace!
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Jun 12, 2009
11:20 PM
Sorry to hear about the problem Adam.
Hopefully you'll get it sorted out sooner or later.
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Jun 13, 2009
3:07 AM
It's unbelievable. Over in the UK, we've got these petty little beaurocrats and bullies as well. It's often hard to distinguish who is the master and who is the servant. Much of the time, it appears as though they'll do anything to try and justify their raison d’être. My sympathies to you.

'If it sounds GOOD to you, it's bitchen; if it sounds BAD to YOU, it's shitty' - Frank Zappa

507 posts
Jun 13, 2009
3:38 AM
Sterling lives in a Medicare-sponsored retirement home. His family couldn't support him; he was unable to hold a job after his nervous breakdown. He is somewhat better now, but still unable to hold a job, and he's 73, with no means of support. His family felt that they had no option but committing him to this facility. Everything--food, clothing, shelter, medicine--is paid for by the government. That's not a bad deal.

In exchange, he is allowed to leave home for 16 nights every year, July 1 through June 30. That's the deal. I didn't make the deal; I'm just working with it. Obviously it puts a severe crimp on Satan and Adam touring. Still, it's the hand I and we were dealt.

The previous administration was quite willing to bend the rules. I booked the tour--and worked on it for six months--on the basis of a clear representation of this willingness, made by the administration to Kevin Moore, our contact there, and his communicating of the represtation to me. The old administration knew the Satan and Adam story. They felt, quite rightly, that the little bit of touring we were doing was actually contributing to Sterling's improvement in a medical way. A few days over the government-sanctioned limit didn't strike them as a big deal. It's not a big deal.

The new administration is not willing to bend the rules. They waited until the last possible minute to tell us this. We had no inkling of possible trouble until two weeks ago. Kevin immediately contacted them, but they gave him no word until yesterday.

Those are the stark facts.

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Jun 13, 2009
3:59 AM
It is sad indeed in a manner. On the other hand, he has food and shelter and care. More than a lot of folks have in later years. I agree that from a mental standpoint it would be a good thing for him to be out and about on occasion. 16 days is not a whole lot. Anyway, we in this area are really disappointed but I am sure you are from personal and business perspectives. Maybe another time, another place.

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Jun 13, 2009
5:04 AM
It stinks, in truth I wasn't able to make the Philly show due to prior engagements. But I feel for you Adam and Sterling. There but for the Grace.....ect.

As much as we look forward to Satan and Adam gigging it may be time to find a new vehicle for you to play & tour. It's tough.
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Jun 13, 2009
5:29 AM
Well,I am sorry to hear about the tour. I guess one is better then none but it sure seems weird about those house rules.

I go with Philosofy and do a "Modern Blues Crossroads"

Good luck and remember "Live forever or die in the attempt."
Joseph Heller (1923 - 1999), Catch 22

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Jun 13, 2009
6:35 AM
Sad, sad and sad; I was really excited to see you two in Knoxville again.
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Jun 13, 2009
7:55 AM
I was looking forward to meeting you at "The Press Room" ...next time.

At least Mr Satan is being cared for.
Mark Hayden
19 posts
Jun 13, 2009
9:01 AM
Adam, is there a way for all of us here to send an email to this facility's administration in order to express our utter disgust?
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Jun 13, 2009
9:20 AM
It seems like bureaucracy gone mad to me.

I can totally understand that they have rules and regulations. However when it would appear to be in the patients best health interests to bend those rules, I fail to understand the logic behind the thought process of the administration.

Surely the logical conclusion would be that if the gigs are helping Sterling's recovery, then to deny him the right to perform them is hindering that recovery and cannot be in the patients best interests.
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Jun 13, 2009
9:42 AM
Mr Gussow, Thank you greatly for approving my application. We live in a sad time where white collar bureacratic filth can take the dignity of a man. Their timming can not be worse. Not one person (I hope) that belongs to this forum can blame you or anyone else, but the administration that caused this.

I look forward to your August touring schedule, and if not, then so be it. I would have driven to the care facility itself to see him. Mr Satan is a living treasure to the blues world. Let him know the thoughts of many are with him.
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Jun 13, 2009
9:47 AM
I hope Sterling's not taking it too badly.
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Jun 13, 2009
10:45 AM
One of my teachers used to say, "The anal sphincter is the strongest muscle in the body." He was right. Looks like the "hobgoblin of little minds" rides again. So sorry to hear.


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