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User: HawkeyeKane
Name: Timothy Kane
Email: hawkeyekane@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/hawkeyekane
Google Talk: hawkeyekane1

29 Years wise from Springfield, IL. Big shout out to my fellow harp-daddies across the globe! I'm on facebook as well, so hit me up! VITALS- Harps: Mixture of Marine Bands, Special 20s, Blues Harps, Big Rivers, Silvertone Deluxes, and Seydel Blues Sessions. Mics: Custom painted Astatic JT30RH w/ MC-564-1 element, Peavey H5-C Cherry Bomb, brushed chrome EV 630, Shaker RetroRocket, modded Akai DM13, Ampex Model 1101, Emerson M189, Behringer XM9500 Amps: Heumannized Kalamazoo Model Two w/ line out and rebuilt hardwood cabinet, Alamo 2566 Fury bass amp (hybrid version). Contact info: Email - hawkeyekane@yahoo.com Skype - hawkeyekane1