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User: Tin Lizzie

Started playing because I wanted to play around the campfire... never played an instrument before. The harmonica became an obsession.

I am limiting myself and my goals to what is really important to me.... playing in the groove, in the pocket, textures, note shaping, simple improvisation, rhythmic playing, good tone. I don't care if I never learn to overblow or play amplified, I don't care how simple I play, but I love harmonica that rips your heart out and THAT is what I want to play.

I consider myself to be a front porch player, meaning I like paying WITH people, but not playing in front of people. I play regularly with a guitar player. who loves a lot of the same music I do.

My favorite player (right now) is Jim Liban. He is most like I'd like to be.

I have myspace and facebook accounts but they are both lame....I don't do much with them. I do put pictures on Flickr regularly... mostly camping in Oregon pictures.

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