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User: boris_plotnikov
Name: Boris Plotnikov
Email: ploboris@gmail.com
Website: http://borisplotnikov.ru
ICQ: 207105962

I was born in 1984, July 29, Ekaterinburg, Russia. I start to play harmonica at age of 16. I play both diatonic and chromatic, but prefer diatonic. I customize harmonicas for myself, and use overblow technique and chromatic possibilities of diatonic harmonica. Sometimes I use a lot of stompboxes to allow harp to sound like a guitar or organ or any strange sound

I play with Vitaly Vladimirov jazz big band and alternative hip-hop band Vinnebago

I'm the ex-member of art-hop band Etalobster.

I give personal harmonica lessons both offline and online by skype boris.plotnikov

My rig:

Harmonicas: diatonic Seydel 1847 exclusively, chromatic Seydel Saxony. More info at www.1847.com

Mics: Shure SM57 (for dirty amped playing, blues, rock gigs), Audix Fireball V (for clean and soft overdrived playing) , Sennheiser e835 (acousting playing, amp micking).

AKG Transformer (SO40+SR40) Wireless, Audix T50k impedance transformer

Stomps: Boss HR-2 harmonist for octaves, Roctron Hush as antifeedback, MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay, Electroharmonix Small Stone phase shifter,  2 (two) Lonewolf Harpattacks (second for backup), mxr 6 band eq, ibanez pm7 phase shifter, ibanez de7 delay (have to replace with something better), yerasov pterodriver PD5 tube preamp if I have to play without amp, boss ls-2 line selector (to split to 2 amps), Digitech RP200 with some Richard Hunter patches.

Amps: yerasov gta15r (tube amp, replication of Fender pro JR) with Jensen c10q speaker and EHX tubes, sh*t solid state practice bass amp kustom kba10x (not so bad!), sh*t solid state 30w chinese amp Maniac 30, pretty sweet Danelectro Honeytone.


Free harmonica solo at webcam


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