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Howzit! I thought I'd run an $15 special until I get tired or go body surfing. Reed Replacement, gapping, tuning, and minor repairs I do not simply replace a broken reeds. Your harmonica is tuned to Hohner specs. All split octaves are matched. Your entire harp is gapped for optimum response. Covers, comb, and reed plates are cleaned of rust, oxidation, and that opaque film that forms on cover plates is removed. Cover plate dents are removed. Except for scratches or gouges your harmonica will look new. Cover plates are opened at no charge if requested on MB types and SP/20s. If needed, reed plates are straightened to reduce air leakage. Less leakage helps improve volume and reed response. All bends will be nearly effortless. Even #10 blow bends on higher keyed harps. In short, your harmonica will play better than when it was new. Hohner Diatonic Harmonicas only but I can squeeze in Lee Oskars as I just discovered a cache of L.O.parts. I can also refer you to Suzuki and Seydel techs if those is what you play.. markprados@aol.com for more info. Aloha, Mark