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Hape kids harp
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Sep 19, 2022
4:20 PM
I'm very very beginner and have been learning some songs on a Hoehner Special 20 (C Diatonic).

I was going to share the fun with my daughter so I bought her one of these:

It just says it is a 10 hole Blues Harmonica, but I discovered it has a strange scale. It seems like a C Chromatic scale. It has no slide. 4 and 5 blow are both C. Very odd to me. They actually sent me a warranty replacement because it seemed like a manufacturing defect, but the replacement was identical!

I was wondering if it is strange to market this as a Blues harmonica, and if it's strange to have a C Chromatic as a beginner kids harp. Is my expectation that it would be a C diatonic just way off?
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Sep 27, 2022
9:10 PM
Sounds like it’s solo-tuned. Does the pattern repeat? Are 8 and 9 blow the same? That is a fairly common layout for a diatonic harmonica.

Use of the term ‘blues harp’ is a bit weird I agree but marketing people have their own approach to this sort of thing.

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