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Penta harp sucks
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154 posts
Jan 23, 2022
5:27 AM
Man it sucks like hell.

I play guitar and this harp is just a failure.

Don't listen to no body. It will fail
58 posts
Jan 26, 2022
2:09 AM
Whats wrong with it?
18 posts
Feb 06, 2022
8:18 AM
Played mine about 3 minutes . Horrible IMO . I gave it away and will never buy another . Waist of money ( I'm a guitar player too )
411 posts
May 31, 2022
11:52 AM
I never saw an answer to what was wrong/ failed with the Pentaharp. I’ve had mine for about 8 mos with no problems. Can I presume you realize it’s tuned differently than a standard diatonic? I’m not sure if the fact you both play guitar has an effect on your observation or if you play hard or soft (blowing/drawing too forcefully can kill a reed). If your standard harps do better with your playing style, by all means stick to those.

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