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Cant make the 3 hole 4 draw F harmonica sound
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Jan 01, 2022
10:24 AM
It is not harmonica issue , I have a session sydel F key and can not make sound 3 hole 4 draw

It is not reed issue some thing seems to be related to my technique but I am fine with all keys and different harmonicas

Just this one it seems session blue F harmoncia is a little harder to play that note ? Can it be?
I know the reed is ok because I replaced the whole reed but still the same issue.
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Jan 06, 2022
10:34 PM
Hard to say. Is it a steel reed?
Sometimes it’s the reed shape, or the relationship of slot to reed or sometimes the blame might sit with the other reed in the chamber. I have a custom harp from a famous purveyor of custom harps which was always weird in the 2 hole draw. I thought it was just poorly adjusted but I couldn’t make it better until one day I looked at the blow reed and saw it was off-centre. Kind of annoying to have a $250 USD marine band like that but that’s another story.

Another possibility with the Session is the comb. Those are very cheap combs and I’ve seen some where I couldn’t tune a reed because the comb was uneven, resulting in an inconsistency. I was going crazy trying to adjust reeds but it was the fit of plate to comb. It’s very hard to check this visually because of the injection moulding. With a solid comb you can get a better view of the way the plate and comb match up,

I’m sorry I don’t have an actual answer, these are just some ideas I’d try to investigate. It maybe something entirely different, but that’s the best I can think of atm.

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