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Is your Golden Melody harmonica in tune?
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Dec 17, 2021
5:48 AM
My understanding is that Golden Melody harmonica has been made to play Melody and it is in equal temperament and I always thought that it means when on play it the tunner should show me that the note is almost exact not a lot of sharp or flat
but the Golden harmonica I have the tuning is not that much correct . Why is that? Should I just tune them all exactly as it appears on tunner?
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Dec 17, 2021
7:41 PM
what do you mean by exact?
when i tune a harp i set the tuner to A = 443

ive seen a lot appear to be tuned to 442 and some are tuned sharper than 443

the golden melody should be tuned to something like 443 i expect so it will probably appear to be sharp if you are comparing it to a tuner calibrated to a = 440 and if you are playing with light breath

the thing about harmonica tuning is that the reeds respond to breath pressure and they are also susceptible to condensation.
the longer reeds are more susceptible to breath pressure and the shorter reeds are more easily affected by condensation

so generally a harmonica is very carefully tuned to play in tune with itself and to be about 10 - 15 cents sharp of where we expect it to be when its in use.

but factory tuning, who knows. it is mainly done by ear using a master plate as reference i think, at least thats how it was done at hohner

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