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Feb 06, 2021
5:27 AM
Hello from OZ
As a beginner i was wondering about the seydel ED {easy diatonic} it looks tempting but my question is,would it actually be detrimental to learning to play a harmonica in the long run.

The reason i ask is when learning most anything its best to get basics correct and build a foundation,the seydel promises a short cut to playing but at what cost.

Hope i have explained myself clearly as my guts say stick with the tried and true method everyone else had to follow.

But i an really interested in the seydel concept so any thoughts would be appreciated.
cheers brian
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Feb 06, 2021
1:22 PM
I never played ED but I also considered it at one point and watched a lot of YT videos. I play mostly guitar and like many players I was for a long time on a kick for "perfect tone". So I come from that perspective. My impression was that if your target was ease of playing recognizable melodies and not put a lot of effort in it then ED is probably good choice. But I did not sense a lot of "mojo" in videos I watched - something like say Adam Gussow's "Crossroads" YT video. Which always leaves me in awe. So I went with regular tuning. I do have few Richter tuned Hohners and Kongsheng harps. Also couple couple Paddy Richter tuned ones (for Irish music). Yes I am still working on fluid bending - but I see glimpses of the "Crossroads" vibe and that keeps me going. YMMV
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Mar 23, 2021
5:38 PM
I have been trying to play regular harps for a while now and I have not been getting anywhere with it. I bought a ED harp off amazon-easttop and that thing really clicks with me. I am having a lot of fun and the note layout makes sense to me. I also bought some seydel ED harps and I have to say the 30.00 amazon easttop plays much better. On both I adjusted the gaps to my liking. Also EDharmonica.com has a real nice website. Right now they hace a covid 19 lessons that are for the ED tuning and standard richter tuning. For me personally I am sticking with ED tuning. Along with their website lessons I am making steady progress and I am having fun. I just play for my own enjoyment,I think for a 30.00 harp and theit very nice website they have a lot to offer.
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Mar 30, 2021
6:14 PM
Thanks for your replies i am still playing standard harps, just because i can bend notes now doesnt mean i can hit those notes at will....who would of thought grrrr
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Mar 31, 2021
12:23 AM
I think it probably just depends on what you want to do musically. ED certainly has its place. I haven't tried it but I've encountered at least one person who was very enthusiastic about it and told me how he was able to play in multiple keys and had just... A few, I don't remember how many but not many, maybe 5 ... harps to cover all his needs which was good for him as he traveled a lot and lived an arts and performance based lifestyle.
For me, I don't think the tuning would really cut it because of the styles im locked into.

I have messed about with a couple of alternate tuned harps. I have an Easy Third Low C which is a bit similar to the ED concept, in a way.
I used country-tuned for a while and that was rather educational. Didn't catch on though. I thought it was going to, but then I got caught up in this Chicago style band and that was an end to it.
But, ED is probably a pretty good option if it serves the sort of music you want to play.
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Apr 14, 2021
8:39 AM
I dont know much about music,I am wondering if for a given song if you would play the same key ED harmonica as you would a regular tuned harp? Also I am into Blues,Rock,Heavy Metal. What do you think the most useful Keys to have? Thanks
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Apr 16, 2021
9:20 PM
Hey Sloppy1 , i also dont know much about music yet but i recon a c harp is a c harp and weather a normal tuned or a EDtuned its still a harp in key of c.

So yes you would play the same key ED harmonica as you would a regular tuned harp .Thats what i would expect but i hope someone will clarify.
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Apr 16, 2021
10:27 PM
Help me out. What is the note layout on a C ED harp?
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Apr 18, 2021
6:50 PM
OK, I had to go look it up for myself.
They call the C harp a C (Am) and suggest it's good for 8 keys

There are demos of it used for C G F and D major and Am, Dm, Em and Bm.

The note layout is blow ACE
Draw BDG
So that is an Am triad and a G major triad, albeit with the G on top.
I havent thought about all the implications for playing in all those keys but clearly this is the fellow who was talking it up to me was talking about. Above I said I thought he may have had 5 harps but I think maybe he actually had only 3 and was playing about 5 ways on each.
I guess the cool thing is that each block of 3 holes is repeated. And there's a draw bend in every hole. The Eb and Ab are missing but potentially there in overblows.
Obviously there's a learning curve but maybe it's a shorter one then the standard tuning and could be quite rewarding.
I know there were some threads on the main page when this was launched and some insights from more advanced players. I'll have to see if I can dig one of those up
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Apr 19, 2021
5:44 PM
Here is one such thread. I'm quite sure the OP is the person I was talking with about it. He did get on board and was playing every key using just 3 different keys of harp as suggested in the thread


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