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Seydel ED Harmonica
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Feb 06, 2021
5:27 AM
Hello from OZ
As a beginner i was wondering about the seydel ED {easy diatonic} it looks tempting but my question is,would it actually be detrimental to learning to play a harmonica in the long run.

The reason i ask is when learning most anything its best to get basics correct and build a foundation,the seydel promises a short cut to playing but at what cost.

Hope i have explained myself clearly as my guts say stick with the tried and true method everyone else had to follow.

But i an really interested in the seydel concept so any thoughts would be appreciated.
cheers brian
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Feb 06, 2021
1:22 PM
I never played ED but I also considered it at one point and watched a lot of YT videos. I play mostly guitar and like many players I was for a long time on a kick for "perfect tone". So I come from that perspective. My impression was that if your target was ease of playing recognizable melodies and not put a lot of effort in it then ED is probably good choice. But I did not sense a lot of "mojo" in videos I watched - something like say Adam Gussow's "Crossroads" YT video. Which always leaves me in awe. So I went with regular tuning. I do have few Richter tuned Hohners and Kongsheng harps. Also couple couple Paddy Richter tuned ones (for Irish music). Yes I am still working on fluid bending - but I see glimpses of the "Crossroads" vibe and that keeps me going. YMMV

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