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Jazz Standards by Will Galison
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May 22, 2020
7:52 AM
I feel fortunate to have a copy of this book. It was not completely straightforward to purchase in Australia. Maybe easier now but I had to go through the hoops.

Will has recorded 8 standards and transcribed them all.

I haven’t been through all of them but I can say based on the first 2, the transcripts are excellent.

I’ve worked on Georgia On My Mind from this book and currently studying Autumn Leaves.

I have another transcript of Autumn Leaves which is fine but Will has some beautiful phrasing and it stretches my ability attempting to match what he does. The backing tracks are excellent

There are 8 songs

Autumn Leaves
Georgia On My Mind
Lullaby of Birdland
My Funny Valentine
Satin Doll
Some Day My Prince Will Come
What a Wonderful World

There’s no instructions on playing technique but a little discussion on how to use the book and some about which C and F to use.

I’ve been really enjoying Autumn Leaves and it’s even got me playing out both sides for octave jumps and such. I’m hoping that will become familiar and normal-seeming before long. Again, the book doesn’t say to do that, it just seemed to be the way to go.

It’s only been a few days I’ve been practicing with this book but I’m enjoying it so much I thought it was worth a plug
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May 24, 2020
4:55 AM
Nice Stuff.
I wasn't familiar with him so I looked him up. Lot's of good stuff, chromatic player, musician vocals.

Satin Doll song has caught my interest these past couple of weeks so I'll be checking that out.
I'm not a chromatic player but I like to listen to others who are esp good like he is.
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Jun 08, 2020
11:23 AM
There is a lad called Jason Keene who's got some good jazz standards on you tube, worth a listen.
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Jun 09, 2020
3:24 PM
Thanks, K66, I will look for him.
I’m about to start studying another tune from the WG book.
Very tempted to go to My Funny Valentine but perhaps I’ll revisit Georgia on My Mind first. Have put some time into that a few years ago but failed to practice long enough to cement into memory. Hoping it might come back fairly quickly once I commit.

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