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New Beginning
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Jan 31, 2020
12:08 PM
I was a member a long time ago. I have recently become re-interested in the harp. I currently have a Seydel Session Blues in C and just received a Hohner Crossover in A. Been long enough that I'm starting over again with youtube lessons and such. I'll work my way into some of the lesson offerings here as well. Have followed Adam for awhiile. Looking forward to interacting with everyone.

Steve (4Draw)
110 posts
Jan 31, 2020
12:35 PM
The seydel blues session is my favourite harp I like the mellow sound and the mouthpiece is really comfortable, but I've got to admit the blues sounds better on a hohner special 20. But I blew a reed out on mine, again.
Hope you manage to stick with it this time, Good luck
6460 posts
Jan 31, 2020
9:20 PM
G’day, 4Draw. Good on you.
The good news is that things have only improved. Harps, teachers, video; quality and quantity are greater all the time.
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Feb 01, 2020
3:04 PM
One thing I've discovered is that I really like the sound of my Hohner Crossover, but really like the hole size (bigger) of my Seydel Session Blues. Hmmm.
6463 posts
Feb 01, 2020
10:58 PM
The crossover has a fairly distinctive sound thanks partly to the covers and partly to the tuning which is kinda bright and also compromised closer to ET than Just. The Session has a darker sound partly because of the full-length covers. The bigger chambers might make it a bit darker also.
Seydel place reeds on 8mm centres, Hohner use 7.5mm. i think the recalibration becomes automatic after awhile.

I haven’t come around to the Seydel products yet.
I just repaired an 1847 Eb which plays very nicely though. I could probably get used to one of those.

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