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Tuning a harp
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Jan 30, 2020
12:03 PM
I downloaded a tuner the other day and as I some time to spare I had a practice gaping and tuning a old C harp which went fairly well. Most were pretty close so didn't need much work. It's given me the confidence to have a go at my C session steel again most a fairly close with just a couple wide of the mark by 15 to 20 cents. Before I have a go does any body have any words of wisdom as my tuning knowledge is very basic.
I am confused about my SCX-64 chromatic on which most holes are way out some as much as 25 cents to the extent that I think I maybe missing or more likely misunderstanding some thing. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Jan 30, 2020
2:28 PM
Knight, I started to reply but it was bound to be another epic so instead I’ll offer this as a starter:


I do recommend that a 64 reed chromatic (or any chromatic) is not the best choice for a first project.

However, I would also take a look at the hohner workshops video on tuning. Gabi makes it look easy, but be aware she has skills!

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Jan 31, 2020
8:06 AM
Once again thanks very much BEE
There is no way I'm going to tackle my chromatic. After watching the slightly weird Hohner video I ended up on Slidemiester and it seems it's not unusual for these to be out of tune.
The Pat Missin page was interesting and proved I don't know any where near enough yet.He said he tunes them slightly sharp so I may have been a little over critical. I was expecting a lot of it.
I also watched one of Bredans videos on tuning diatonics and he said the same.
I will have a careful go at my seydel session steel over the next couple of days as its by far my favourite harp.

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