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Recording a practice
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Jan 26, 2020
4:56 AM
I've heard and read about the value of recording oneself and evaluating what you hear. I don't do much, but I have found it helpful. The link below gets into it. I get that it's mostly about tennis and classical piano, but think harp. And I do, as most of us, spend a LOT of time listening to the masters, trying to figure out what they are doing and how they do it. Applied to myself, it's what am I doing and how can I do it better - timing to technique. The author's takeaway is (obviously, substitute 'audio', 'listening', and 'hearing' where appropriate):

"For me, the main takeaway from this study is not just that video analysis can help with diagnosing the cause of accuracy/consistency issues and identifying solutions – but that this process occurs over time.
That it’s not just about watching video and having an immediate “ah-ha” moment, but a more organic process of seeing something on video, taking that observation into the practice room to experiment with, watching video again to see what may have changed, taking some deeper discoveries and insights into the practice room again, and continuing this process until you find something that works, coming away with not only a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanics of the skill, but improved accuracy and consistency as well." (Noa Kageyama)
I should do more.

Phil Pennington

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