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Ah’w Baby!
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Dec 14, 2019
12:40 PM
Cool Superbee,
I honestly couldn't recall Ah'w Baby well enough to make sense of the tab. It was interesting working with the tab anyway, especially trying different rhythm using the 3’+4 4 +5 5 +6 5 +5.

Today I actually took the time to find this version of Ah'w Baby. I found the right harp and did some work on it. https://youtu.be/sp_5h6KRAs0

For me this version is another good example of how a seemingly reachable song can be so difficult to reproduce. LW makes it sound so smooth and simple, then I start really listening and trying to replicate the timing, subtle details, and something even close to this man's tone... wow

I think Ah'w Baby is a good song to add to my list of goals. I can keep coming back to it for the challenge of accuracy. It also sounds pretty cool even though I'm playing it at a rough draft level.

I guess this is true for a lot of songs. But I realize a lot of them require chops that are just to far from my ability. Rather than continuously butchering a song I try to work on the weak skills that are holding me back.

Good luck with Ah'w Baby.

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Dec 17, 2019
4:23 AM
Ahhh...I also want to get that Hand Jive song down nice and smooth.

Ah'w... I was unfamiliar with the song so looked it up and gave it a listen.
It never really kicked in for me, I know he's a great player and all, but I would think it wouldn't have been his favorite recording.
i think you could spruce it up quite a bit with some new ideas and have some fun with it at the same time.

(I know we play to different audiences...I would run the risk of people falling a sleep during the song.)

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