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Mustache friendly practice harp
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Sep 02, 2019
10:49 AM
I am looking to buy a couple of cheap harps for practice, or to keep in the glove box. Thinking sandwich type, and really interested in The Eastar Captain series. My main requirement is that it not be a mustache ripper.

Any recommendations in the $25 or less range?

I have 4 Manjis, and a Marine band as my main harps.

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Sep 02, 2019
3:00 PM
I can’t really comment from personal experience but the Easttop 008K model (is it T 008 K?) seems to have the most fans. The Kongsheng Amazing 20 is often celebrated too. I also see praise for some other types but those are the most regularly reviewed I’ve seen.

Moustache friendly though, I can’t say. I understand your concern though. I don’t play Seydel Solist Pro and Lee Oskar for precisely that reason.
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Sep 03, 2019
5:59 PM
Thanks SuperBee.

I had a Seydel break my heart for the same reason, sure looks good though!
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Sep 06, 2019
10:44 AM
Though I don't know which brand and prices in you price range, but I look for harmonicas whose covers have at least one support on the back side.
I find if they don't they tend to squeeze down, which tends to open up the front and grab moustache whiskers.'''for a big ouch !!
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Sep 06, 2019
6:51 PM
Good thought about the covers Spderyak! I ordered an Eastop T008k from Rockinrons yesterday. I’ll post a review in the next couple of weeks. My plan is to use it as a practice only harp, and something to keep in the car. I ordered a C, if I like it I’ll get an A next I think.
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Sep 15, 2019
12:31 PM
The easttop harp has definitely been compatible with my facial hair. I’ve only played it for an hour or so, but no snags yet. I think the cover plates have a a smoother edge due to the fact they are painted.

This harp plays well for the money, and feels heavy in hand.
The reed plates were sticking out pretty far. I took the harp apart and was able to move the plates back enough so they only protrude slightly.

Not a fan of the painted cover plates, with raised lettering. Doesn’t make the harp unplayable or anything, just not as smooth as unpainted covers.

I haven’t checked the tuning yet, and did the usual gapping I do with every harp I’ve ever owned. I’m sure it will need tuning on a few of the reeds.

I bought this as a harp for practice, and everyday use, and got my money’s worth for sure.

One other issue for me is the height of the covers. My Manjis measure about 0.710”, Marine Band 0.725, Easttop 0.765.
Definitely giving my embouchure a workout. I’m sure one could get used to that, but it’s very noticeable for me.

Just an intermediate players 2 cents.
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Sep 16, 2019
2:58 AM
Thanks for the review, eetechTom.
That interesting; I’ve not thought to measure the height of the covers before, but I agree it makes a difference. I find Seydel Sessions to be too much of a face full for me, for instance.
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Sep 25, 2019
6:49 PM
Just to follow up, I think the main difference in the thickness is due to the reed plates. I measured the thickness of the reed plates and comb for several harps.

Easttop .329”, Marine Band .306”, Seydel 1847 .320”, Manji .318”
The comb seems average in thickness, but the reed plates are visibly thicker.

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