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Shure 533SA “spher o dyne”
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Aug 15, 2019
4:44 AM
By the time it arrived, it had cost me $120 of my Australian dollars but it was only $40 USD on eBay, plus the delivery fee which turned out to be as much again, plus Australian goods and services tax on imports (which doesn’t seem to apply to all parcels despite what they say).

I was feeling a bit less excited about my bargain mic, but it’s turned out to be an excellent microphone in quite good condition aesthetically, and sounds good in my little Kalamazoo-style circuit.

I’m happy to have, at last, a HiZ stick mic. Will have a blow plugged into the Sonny 2 tomorrow with the band.
I can make most things sound ok in the lounge room through a tiny single ended amp but it doesn’t always translate to a great sound in a band situation. I feel like this will go alright though.
6124 posts
Aug 16, 2019
7:01 AM
I took 5 mics tonight with the plan of using them all with the the SJ2 but as it happened I began with the 533 and just stayed with it all night.

I have no complaints about the sound. Very good.
I did get a small problem with my hand towards the end of the evening, which I guess is from gripping the head of the mic. It’s a bit smaller than a JT30, or even an EV605. Great sounding mic though, and goes naturally with my 5/8” screw-on cables.
I don’t usually rehearse with the Sonny Jr amp, it’s such a big lump of a thing, but it really is a nice-sounding amp.
Anyway, Shure 533SA is a great mic option I think. I appreciate having an on/off switch too.

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