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Bands with harmonica prominent
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Jun 25, 2019
12:17 PM
Bcubed asked what bands would be good to listen to that has harp emphasized. So here’s some I have on my playlist:
Big Apple Blues
Canned Heat
Curtis Salgado
The Fabulous Thunderbirds (Kim Wilson)
Hamilton Loomis
J Geils
James Cotton
Paul Butterfield
L. C. Williams and the Driver (Little known but outstanding harp)
The Rolling Stones (Blue and Lonesome album)
The Romantics
The Yardbirds
Slim Harpo

I’m sure others will chime in with some more classic recordings.
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Jun 25, 2019
2:56 PM
Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes.
Phil Pennington
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Jun 25, 2019
5:33 PM
ME.HarpDoc - I appreciate you seeing my question in my other thread and starting this one on my behalf.

I've listened to Four by Blues Traveler over and over and over recently. Just ordered their first three CDs (total of $9.12 shipped) to give me something other than Four to listed to all the time.

I look forward to seeing everyone's response and have already checked out some of the bands you mentioned.

Again, thanks!


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Jun 27, 2019
3:25 AM
Tonight I am watching Paul Butterfield Band Live at Rockpalast 1978 DVD.
I hadn’t realised how rock Butterfield became.
The sound on the first 2 songs is terrible, especially the harp, which is frustrating because I could hear just enough of his sound on the first number to tell it was pretty cool if I could hear properly. By the third song it’s sorted reasonably well.

Not really my taste but interesting to see PB performance.

So, Paul Butterfield Band as already noted.

A lot of bands with harp use it as a part time thing or a frontman who usually plays mediocre harp as a sideline, often to quite good effect.

Huey Lewis (and the News) played quite good harp though.

British band 999 had a great harp player. If you like the style they played, it’s worth checking out.

Aerosmith feature the harp from time to time.

The Stones have a few strong songs with harp. Sometimes it was even played by Mick, but I’m thinking of the record with Sugar Blue

If you like BT, I think you should give Sugar Blue a listen

Popper has done some work with other bands too. I’m thinking of Government Mule at the moment.

If you haven’t found Jason Ricci yet, you must.

There are some fellows in Europe but I only know the players’ names, not their bands.

Will Wilde is one you might find interesting. Poor fellow has just pranged his bike and now laying on his back wearing a neck brace

I’ll think of more names
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Sep 10, 2019
3:33 PM
Thanks HarpDoc, really diggin LC Williams and the Driver!
Will Wilde plays some really good blues rock type stuff.
Broken Road
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Oct 23, 2019
5:18 PM
Canned Heat, J Geils Band, The Doors, Billy Joel, Neil Young. All great musicians and bands with harp players.

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