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New Beginner
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Jun 25, 2019
5:54 AM
Hi Harpers!

I am the newest beginner on the block. So, I might as well introduce myself. Reading through the forum, it seems like there are others in the same spot as me.
Few weeks ago, I decided to take up the harp to try and learn Blues Harmonica. I had a Hohner Blues Harp in G laying around for 30 years or so, but never really learned to play it beyond the obvious blow-draw chord work. I am an intermediate bass guitar player, having experience playing pop, rock, blues and jazz. Making music always comes and goes in waves for me. The high-activity periods mostly centered around bands, one-off gig formations and music workshops. At the moment, I cannot freely move my right wrist while recovering from an injury. Therefore, playing bass has been impossible for the last 3 months. Feeling an urge to play some music, I digged up the blues harp and started noodling around. I found Adam's site and purchased the Beginner DeLuxe Package and went through it. Knowing the ins and outs of the 12-bar blues (including a fair share of jazz variants), not all material is relevant. However, the greater part is enjoyable and usefull for the right beginner development.
Soon, I found out a G harp is not the easiest harp, and Father's day brought me a Marine Band DeLuxe in C. Easier to play the lower draw notes on, while, at first, harder to play clear single notes due to the round hole corners. Adjusted to that now. Then, my Mother-in-Law brought up that she still owed me a birthday present, resulting in the purchase of a Special 20 in A. These two are now my main instruments. I am concentrating on Adam's package and the Harmonica for Dummies book that was on the shelf in my local library.
The harp is a nice alternative to the bass and, hopefully, a good addition after my wrist gets better. I am having a looper pedal, so, first goal is to play bass loops and play harmonica melodies and solos over it in a one-man band kind of fashion. In the longer run, it would be nice to be able to play harp at blues jam session and/or with random bluesy buskers in the city. However, there is a chance this wave dies out before I get there. :o)
No questions for now, just the introduction. I might be back with questions later on.

Cheers, BassChap
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Jun 25, 2019
7:44 AM
My guess is that the bass is quite a good foundation for harp. You’ll see frequent comments emphasizing ability to keep time and to count. Good luck and enjoy.
Phil Pennington
6036 posts
Jun 27, 2019
3:27 AM
Hi BassChap,
Bass is a good basis for finding the way around a harp, so once you get the physical part sorted you’ll likely do well

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