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Playing with a harmonica holder
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Dec 07, 2018
1:54 AM
I'm a harmonica beginner. I have recently tried playing with a harmonica holder (simple one, nothing fancy) and find it much more difficult to play single notes or bend. I'm not proficient in accurate bends anyway, but I can do some draw bends.

So far I have only tried with a Suzuki Harpmaster because of its key (I don't have a large selection of harmonicas).

Did anyone have a similar experience when first trying to play the harmonica using a harmonica holder and did it get easier with practice?

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Dec 07, 2018
11:12 PM
Might it be that the harp is at the correct height for your mouth but sitting at the wrong angle for your lips?
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Dec 08, 2018
5:30 AM
Yes, the angle is different, but there is only one "distance adjustment" on the $15-20 unit I have. This also changes the angle at the same time, but I can't separately adjust the angle of the harmonica which I think is possible on some more expensive units.

However I assume that not everyone uses those more expensive units and that a standard holder can be used effectively with some experience.

At this point it seems much more difficult to play than normally but I'll check some instructions regarding playing with a harmonica holder. Potential benefits of playing two instruments at the same time are very interesting (although this will need practice as well).

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Dec 08, 2018
10:16 PM
Okay, beginner or not I do think it takes some work to get very good with a holder. Not that I'm that great with a harp in my hands but I cant play with my holder worth a crap, and I actually have a real nice holder. I just haven't been motivated to practice with it because my slide guitar project isn't finished yet.

I've seen some pretty funky looking holders work well for players that have clearly paid their dues.

It's about time I got around to this.
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Dec 11, 2018
4:11 AM
You might be able to bend the verticle arms up near the harp to adjust the angle. Maybe use two pairs of pliers.

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