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New Member sez Hello...
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Jun 13, 2018
3:18 PM
Hi! I'm Terry Freeman, a mid-50's aged harp newbie from the Portland, Oregon area. I've always owned a harp since my dad gave me his Old Standby when I was a tyke, but I never really got motivated to seriously learn to play until about 2 months ago when I bumped into one of Adam's Blues Harp lessons on the youtube machine...I'd always used it as a way to fill time by noodling in (what I now know as) first position and improvising little country and folk sounding tunes for fun.

Since then, I've been bitten hard - I got a Bb harp this last April partly because that's what Adam was using and I also just plain love the sound of that harp key played in second position.

I also realized that I needed to learn theory so I can do more than honk and wail with more enthusiasm than...musicality. So, on with hours and hours looking at scale charts and tabs, learning my Circle of Fifths and playing every time I had a minute to myself.

Actually, I just found a youtube video titled "Understanding Music Theory in One Hour - Animated Music Lesson" that has filled in a lot of gaps and is very simply and logically presented.

Once I had a lot of questions built up I started going through this forum from current posts ALL the way back to the start (1153 pages worth of posts as of today) and reading anything and everything that looked interesting, emailing links to myself for more serious study later.

You guys are awesome - yeah, you have little arguments and folks have to be swatted on the nose with a rolled-up magazine now and again, but I've learned tons and look forward to learning more...

I have a Bb Hohner SP20 and a set of surprisingly good Easttop T008-K - LF, G, A, Bb, C, D, E and the case from Rockin' Ron's, and a Smokey Amp w/bottle o blues mic.

I mostly love bluesy Rock but have been exploring the classic blues players as well - I have no interest in playing "like" anybody in particular nor am I likely to play for money, I just love to improvise and jam.

Nice to be here, and I kinda feel like I already know a bunch of you from almost 10 years of posts...

Take care, have fun, and harp on!

5430 posts
Jun 13, 2018
8:14 PM
Greetings Colonel!
I guess you’re referring to the main forum when you mentioned 1153 pages and 10 years.
The forum is pretty slow these days but I still like it better than Facebook. Well, I did. It may be getting to the point where it’s actually too slow to be worthwhile now. But I think I got to know people better here than happens on fb.
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Jun 14, 2018
6:03 AM
Welcome aboard.
Great Intro.
A lot of us drift in and out I think, and things are slow right now, but it seems to go in waves.
Many do not like the whole Facebook thing, so I hope forums like this stick around.
The ability to search the archives is a great resource, and some of the discussions here are great.
Ask questions, there are great people here who will offer good information. And that will keep the forum moving along.
Enjoy your harmonicas and good luck finding your sound!
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Jun 14, 2018
11:22 PM
Hey Col P, welcome! I’ve gotten tons of info from this forum and searching past posts.
There’s so much valuable info here.
outdoor joe
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Jun 15, 2018
10:57 AM
Hey Colonel!

I'm just starting up as well, having a ton of fun! Hopefully a lot of fresh faces can keep these forums active. I check in almost everyday to see what's been posted. See you around!

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Jun 15, 2018
3:49 PM
Welcome, Colonel!
Seems that you've caught the harp-fever, friend - well, you're in good company here! Glad to have you on board, ask anything if you cannot already find it within the 1153 pages. :)

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Jun 18, 2018
8:58 AM
Good morning! Yeah, there's a ton of good info and lots of fun audio and video examples to work with as well...thanks for the kind welcome and chat you guys up later!


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