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Unhelpful Musical Environments
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May 09, 2018
10:41 PM
As part of my Blues Harp journey I have been consciously listening to some of the classic blues stuff and it has been starting to work its way deeper into my psyche.

Another great joy in my life is my two daughters (4 and 1.5). We sometimes toot along together.

However, another girl has entered our lives: Moana!
In case you don't know this is a recent Disney Princess film set in Polynesia.
Its a great film with a great score. We watch it once or twice a day and have the soundtrack on in the car whenever the girls travel with me.

Turns out it is full of earworms! On the rare occasions I get to sit and focus on the harp the various characters from this film start singing in my head and LW & SBW get put on hold for another time - yet again.

This is an unexpected challenge of parenthood. Guess I will have to wait until the Moana phase blows over.
Trouble is; I am still into Jungle Book from my own childhood, so it may never go away.
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May 10, 2018
10:44 AM
Reminds me of times with my granddaughter when Barney was the rage. For those of you who don’t know or remember Barney, he was a large purple cartoon creature who had a repetitive theme song. He may be the reason dinosaurs are extinct!
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May 11, 2018
6:29 AM
Don't know or remember? Is it possible to NOT REMEMBER! Aaaaahhh!!!!

(sorry, lost my head for a sec)
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May 11, 2018
6:30 AM
You should take this as an opportunity to figure out the melody from the songs on harmonica. Transcribe them one note at a time (or find the sheet music or score), figure out the timing, figure out the key. Then you can play these songs on harmonica and they can sing along. Once you figure out the chord progression of the song you can solo over it and play some of the bent notes on pitch as an exercise.



See My Profile for contact info, etc.

Last Edited by RyanMortos on May 11, 2018 6:33 AM
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May 14, 2018
10:01 PM
I'm in the UK, don't recall Barney. Please don't post any links or make me aware of him in any way.

Good, sensible suggestion RyanMortos..... but no!

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