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couple of recordings
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Apr 26, 2018
6:18 AM
we made a few recordings. the session didnt go all that well in my opinion. it was an interesting learning experience though.
my amp was placed in a different room. i couldnt hear it all. and there was no vocal monitor.
and most of the songs had not been played much, the atmosphere was a bit hurried.
these 2 are pretty rough and ready but i think they have at least some raw energy about them that i dont mind sharing them, although i wouldnt think they were anywhere near good enough to put on an 'official release' as had been discussed prior to this session.

mic handling noise, odd phrasing, no monitors.

in case anyone is interested, the amp is my homemade tweed champ, and the mic is a 1950 CR element in an astatic biscuit shell. no effects

anyway here is a link to one:


and the other:

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Apr 26, 2018
3:12 PM
The junior wells songs sound a little stiff, but good overall.

I think they are not bad recordings (but, as you know, they are not great ones) and if you get some one to mix these, they would sound much better and maybe you can use these to send samples to bars or other venues.

I can mix these for you, as a way to thank you for all the help and info that you put in these place.

If I can help you and your band, let me know.

Sorry for any misspell, english is not my first language.
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Apr 27, 2018
1:25 AM
Thanks Rogonzab. If I had the masters I’d be interested to hear what you did with them, but I don’t have them. They’re in possession of the person who mixed these. I do appreciate your offer though. I wonder if I’ll ever get them.
‘Stiff’ is much the story of the session. It was not relaxed, it was hurried and the songs were not well-rehearsed. Bugs me a bit but it was a learning experience, at least for me.
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Jun 15, 2018
3:58 PM
Hey Bee,
I'm probably too inexperienced to properly judge the recordings; just to let you know though: I think you and your band sound pretty cool. Especially digging the first track - great singing and harp, definitely feeling the energy you're talking about. :)


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Jun 15, 2018
6:31 PM
Thanks SkullKid. It’s kind of you to say.
I had almost forgotten about these recordings. I saw while I was away that the band had put up a clip of another song from this session but these have not made it. I guess that’s because the other was original. I made a severe error on that session because it didn’t register with me that they’d be videotaped and I was dressed for summer lawn mowing. That probably doesn’t help the chance they’ll ever be seen/heard outside this thread.
It’s been about 2 months since we last played together so I’ll be interested in how it goes next week. We have a gig on July 20 and then a festival set in August. That festival was our debut in 2016 and this will be the 3rd consecutive booking so I guess they like us.
Those 2 numbers continue to work for me, I’m still enjoying them enough that I play them as I walk around the place. Mellow down easy is very satisfying. I’ll recommend Alex Paclin’s YouTube lesson to anyone who’d like to learn it. I worked with that and the amazing slow downer with little Walter’s recording.

The jr Wells tune is 3rd position on a G harp. I learned that one by ear, although I used to play it in 2nd position, which was obviously more of an ‘inspired by’ version. I can still play it that way and maybe I should but I am trying to get more fluent in 3rd position so there was some good learning here. I like almost everything about the way this lays out in 3rd position, running over holes 1-8. If you play it on a D harp in second position obviously you can’t get all those notes in the turnaround and main fill in the same low register as on the G harp. That’s the main difference.

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