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Song inspired by the streets
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Apr 10, 2018
11:25 PM
A sad but true story.
When I used to busk in Martin Place, Sydney, there was a guy who used to collect cans from the trash and cash them in. He had a celebrity pet—Princess, a rat who scampered along and under his tattered overcoat. Some people took her photo.

One day he showed up without Princess. He had found a lump on her leg that turned out to be a tumour, but fixable. He took her to the vet and got it removed.

He was walking down King Street, Newtown, one evening with Princess on his shoulder, when a stranger ran up and grabbed Princess and ran away.

This vid is warming up with the house band at a jam I help run in Sydney.

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Apr 12, 2018
2:36 AM
An unusual tale but good to tell some story I think.
Looks like a fun jam. Nice to have a piano!
I’m trying to get a jam running here, I think it shouldn’t be too difficult but my concept involves a ‘house band’ which will likely be us. A PA is probably the most difficult thing to deal with but shouldn’t be insurmountable. Oh, the venue is probably important to but I have a couple of prospects. And then publicity. All these things take a bit of legwork.
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Apr 12, 2018
2:58 AM
Thanks SuperBee. I like to sing about things close to home.

Jam is getting some good momentum. Our house band is me, drummer, bass, guitar, sax and usually piano. Starts off slowly at 8pm Tuesdays with 1-2 in the audience then at 11 there will be 30-40 people, plenty of 'em dancing. Then when everybody's having fun we have to shut down due to noise issues (it's in the Cross). Get some good musos dropping in too. All our publicity is word of mouth and FB.

You've got some great pubs in Hobart. Look forward to hearing how you go.
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Apr 23, 2018
5:09 PM
Sad story.
Nice tune.
I hope someone bought him a new pet.
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Apr 26, 2018
5:32 AM
Thanks Crawforde. He did get a new rat sometime later: pure white; he called her Snowy.
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