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Vox escort 30
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Chester Draw
7 posts
Mar 06, 2018
5:30 AM
Hi,anybody ever used a Vox escort 30 from the 70s for the harp?cheers.
1 post
Mar 10, 2018
5:24 PM
Interesting.Thanks for posting. I have been wondering this also. I have been getting some nice dirty sounds out of its "little brother" the tiny Escort BM1 used with a delay pedal. But that amp is too small for most gigs and too toppy to risk amplifying through a PA I think. I picked up a 30 pretty cheaply but, with one 12" speaker and geared up for gtr, just sounds dull though. The 30 does have a lot of space inside so I was wondering about what two speakers I could put in there? Prob many component swaps to make but I'm a novice at that kind of stuff. Its a cool looking amp (I know, I shouldn't factor that in!) and powerful so would like to take this further. Any suggestions most welcome.
Chester Draw
8 posts
Mar 12, 2018
6:11 AM
Interesting plan b,I was given mine and it needs a bit of tlc before doing anything major.Maybe a couple of 8" paper cone speakers would be the way to go,but I know jack about it really?Lets hope someone pops up with some pointers before coughing up any dosh.

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