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I hate F and D harmonica
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Feb 22, 2018
7:40 PM
I hate F and D

My F is seydel and my D is crossover

I love Low F I use lee oskar and today I placed an order for Low D Manji

Are a lot of people like me?
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Feb 22, 2018
8:51 PM
It's not the brand of Harmonica that matters really.
It is just the nature of the Key itself...can be shrill on a stock F and be lost in the mix as a low F.
FWIW i use less air pressure on a normal F harp than on(say) a D.
In other words a stock F harp will still cut through at a lower volume so just back off on the air pressure especially when miking it.
And those smaller reeds respond better with less pressure applied to them.
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Feb 23, 2018
3:29 AM
I reckon your tastes may change as you play more. It's surprising how different the different the keys sound isn't it?

For just playing in 'free air' I mostly choose a lowish key for the same reason. But if you want to play particular songs with a backing track or other people, then you'll find that only the right harp key gives the right kind of sound.

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Feb 23, 2018
4:56 AM
Frankie..I love both the harps you hate...you might want to broaden your tolerance a bit for what might be pleasing to you.
The more you limit the harp keys you like the more you limit yourself...

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Feb 23, 2018
5:13 AM
My 1st D harp was a Huang Silvertone Deluxe, which I bought in the late 90s I think.
I immediately recognised it had a raucous character. This was before I could play any songs. I think I may still have it ‘somewhere’.
I dunno how many D harps I own. Maybe a dozen. I really prize a good D harp maybe above all others. But I sing a lot in A. Like, a lot.
Not my favourite key harp to play but I have so much call for it, I need at least 3 good ones.
Fortunately I have 2 exceptionally good D harps and a couple great ones.
F harps I have less call for. Yes, a Low F can be very good for general work, but when the song calls for s standard F, there’s just nothing will substitute.
These days I only play Downchild on the F harp, used to play Sloppy Drunk, Caledonia as well but shifted to different keys.

I understand why you mightn’t like them, but the D especially is such a ubiquitous harp in blues I think I couldn’t do without it.
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Feb 23, 2018
6:36 AM
I don't really like the key of F but not afraid to use it either if I think the song really would work better with it. Maybe as an exercise take a week and play everything on F harmonica to feel more comfortable with it.



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Feb 25, 2018
6:18 AM
Funny I never have found a D harp I liked, F though doesn't bother me, when I hear someone else play a D harp it sounds fine, but when I play it just sounds off, think it has something to do with how we hear our own voices in our heads and then to hear it recorded our voice sounds different, well I think the same thing happens with the harmonica.

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