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Need a harmonica case
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Jan 31, 2018
1:37 AM
The number of my harmonicas growing I suppose I need a harmonica case

Any recommendation for an affordable one. Some thing that you have used ?

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Jan 31, 2018
11:29 AM
Something I tried a while back was a case Walmart sells,
It's a small security case lockable and will hold about 25 harps in their boxes if you store verticaly, also can hold a 16 hole chromatic in its case on top of the other harps and still close the top.
They are a chrome metal and black, I think about $20 US.
38 posts
Jan 31, 2018
5:42 PM
Thanks I wish I had a link or picture. I found these
is what you mean here?







92 posts
Feb 03, 2018
8:37 AM
What i have is of similar construction to the first one on the list, only taller and more box like, that one is wider and a bit flatter, and if i remember right they are the same brand.
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Feb 04, 2018
9:44 AM
Flbl what about dividers? You can't just throw in a lot of harmonicas in there. Do you have any dividers ? Do you have a pic?
93 posts
Feb 04, 2018
12:29 PM
Frankie I never did use dividers, just the original cases the harps came in, since the are fairly square shaped they stand on end, only ones i had a problem with are the promaster cases as they are rounded kind of like a flat egg.
As I have many more harps now over 60 diatonics and 8 chromatics this case no longer works.And I'm working on a better system. While I do have pic's I have to figure out hove to post.

A few months back there was a post about cases, if i find it iI bring it back.
94 posts
Feb 04, 2018
12:48 PM


Warning this could happen to you.
288 posts
Feb 04, 2018
3:10 PM
Frankie, if you go to the tabs on the left, click on BLUES HARP FORUM and click on Forum Search, type in harmonica cases and you'll find all kinds of good information. I've got two cases, one in Maine and one in Colorado. The one in Maine is an old metal camera case that hold 14 harps upright along with two mics and cables. But it's pretty bulky. I use it because I have it.

In Colorado I have a smaller camera case I picked up off amazon for about $20. It comes with foam that is cut to create shapes you want by pulling out blocks of foam. I made interlocking dividers out of thin plywood which hold 15 harps upright in one half of case. The other half holds a chromatic, a couple of Lucky 13s, two mics. I carry cables, delay pedal in a small canvas bag. For a gig or jam I throw the case strap over my shoulder, canvas bag in one hand and amp in other hand and I'm all set.
41 posts
Feb 05, 2018
8:09 AM
Thank you all. Flbl wow your harmonicas are big I only use 10 hole harmonica. Me.HarpDoc thanks for your suggestion it seems the forum is being searched with Google search engine. Unfortunately the similar titles make it difficult to know what the contents of a post is so I need to check one by one , I will be busy for a few days :) thanks any way.
21 posts
Apr 22, 2018
6:36 AM
Frankie, at the eezyreeder.com site there are cases priced fairly. The one I have is for 14 10 holed harp & holds each snugly. About $19 dollars. Good fellow to deal with, and fast delivery.

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15 posts
Apr 25, 2018
3:57 AM
I bought one of the cases that Turbo Harp sells that I like.
466 posts
Apr 27, 2018
6:17 PM
Check out this site

Case Builder

Pick up an old briefcase at a thrift store, and design your own foam insert (for harps, mics, cables, etc)
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