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Belt wearable  harp case?
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Jan 21, 2018
2:15 PM
I have one question… Can someone recommend a Harmonica case that I might carry a single Harmonica in? Perhaps something I might be able to clip or wear on my belt? I’m sure that i
Might be able to find something online like a knife case or something. I was worried about fibers,pocket lint and foreign objects getting inside.

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Jan 21, 2018
2:27 PM
I know the MB Deluxe and Crossover come with a rather nice neoprene case with a belt loop. I think you can buy them separately.

But why just one? The Seydel 6 and 12 gig bags are really good! You can have a full-ish set of harps on your belt for all eventualities not just blues in E :)

(I know a full set of harps means 247 types, plus a couple of chromatics, for some folks...)

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Jan 21, 2018
3:06 PM
Try Silverwing Leather, or Hawk Leather, I think they both make a case for a single harp.
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Jan 22, 2018
12:38 PM
The Hohner cases are good, my only beef with them is that they sit horizontal and use a zip. I find a bit awkward to put away quickly in a one-hand operation.
My leatherman pouch works quite well. The harp hangs vertically and it’s a clip flap which I find a bit easier to deal with one handed without fumbling the harp.
Michelle LeFree (mbh member) at SilverWing makes a hardshell leather belt pouch specifically for harps. I don’t have one but it looks the goods to me.
I have a SilverWing soft pouch (double) I slip in a pocket. It’s very good; 80% of what I play uses A or D harp so I carry both. I like the Seydel soft covers but the SilverWing has a flap with clip and keeps the harps free of pocket debris. I get a lot of use from this.
I also have 2 of the SilverWing ‘compact 7’ cases. I wear one of these at jams and performances and the other holds my backup set.
‘Wearing’ the harps I need has made life on stage much better.
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Jan 22, 2018
11:33 PM
I see what you mean about the Hohner case. I've never put one on a belt but now you point it out I see the problem.

I agree about 'wearing' a set of harps on stage (although not the OP). I found that reduced fumbling time, bobbing up and down or having to have case on a stand like some kind of conjurer. Although a friend has just got himself a big aluminium flight-case thing with all the harps laid out. There's something to be said for the look of that on stage. Until it gets knocked over in the melee, scattering harps everywhere. Not happened yet.

I sense there's a general downer on harp bandoliers but in terms of stage presence I think that looks good, and I bet that's super-practical. If amateur guitarists can have OTT guitar-straps with their names on etc. then I think we be allowed a bit of licence with a bandolier.

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Jan 23, 2018
12:08 AM
When I saw musselwhite on stage, he had his aluminium-clad case open on a table (like a card table) next to him.
The bandolier is a bit of a statement. I think it’s fine but you’re right, there is a collective frown on these and belts. I guess they’re seen as pretentious, and perhaps they are if you rock up to your local jam decked out in the bandolier in anticipation of playing 3 songs (but I need the full set) and wear it all night in the bar afterwards. But if it’s serving a design purpose I don’t see the problem. Better than bobbing up and down, turning your back on the audience etc.
I only use 6 harps most times I play out. I arrange them in circle of 5ths order, starting at F and it’s a little reminder every time I reach for a harp.
That compact 7 case can be worn discreetly under a jacket and it’s not obtrusive. Maybe as obtrusive as a .38 in a shoulder holster.
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Jan 23, 2018
11:47 PM
Hi Gang,
Thank you for the many useful replies.
What a great source of information..I dont have a need for carrying more than two harps at one time. I dont gig much.. in fact i never have.If i did I do have everybody's Favorite honer case and i also have another case that i purchased online.

I was just looking for something i could fix to my belt so that i could carry a harp or 2.That Bandolier is a great idea- for a lot of harps at one time.. but not for this guy i could get into a harmonica shootout with the Federales hahaha.

After i posted this i found the company Silverwing leather.. I sent a email and received a lovely response. I'll be making a decision within the next day or so.
Thank you all for the friendly replies.
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Jan 24, 2018
4:17 AM
Sorry if we meandered off and round the houses. That's what happens here :)
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Jan 25, 2018
12:11 AM
Don't give it another thought!!! I like it in here!

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Jan 25, 2018
2:27 AM
A few years ago when i was playing out regularly a well meaning person(my wife) bought me,at great expense a handcrafted leather bandolier that held 12 diatonics.Twas beautiful.
Like 'Bee i usually only used 6 harps at most so i just felt like a wanker standing on a stage wearing a half filled belt.
Plus you come out on a stage wearing one expectations are high........you may not be able to deliver.
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Jan 25, 2018
3:31 AM
Ha ha, yes, 12 is a bit much. You paint a good picture there Indigo.
A neighbour gave me a cartridge belt with the idea I’d turn it into a harp belt.
It was in quite poor condition. I tried restoring the leather but it was really too far gone. Would have been more work than starting from scratch.
A 6 or 7 harp belt would be Ok I think, maybe with the harps in the back.
Rod Boyes
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Jul 12, 2019
4:17 AM
Since this thread happened I have brought out a leather "harp holster" which holds 4 harps on your belt, principally for stage use. See the Harmonica Holster at Pinegrove Leather.

Sorry if this seems like an ad but I think I'm the only person making one to buy off the shelf, so I thought it would be useful for people to know about it.

I'm currently designing more belt pouches, so sign up for my newsletter on the web site for updates.

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Jul 12, 2019
5:30 AM
After reading this forum, I was wondering if anyone has tried a magazine pouch like police officers have on their duty belt. I'm thinking one thats made for a double stack .45 cal magazine might fit a harp.
Jeff B

Just enjoying the music journey.
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Jul 12, 2019
7:43 AM
Thanks, Rod, I’ll check out your page. It sounds good.
I mainly use D, A, C, then I might struggle to know the 4th harp. F, Bb, E, G each get a look in most nights. I probably don’t need to use the E but I like to give the strings players something to think about.
And there is also a chromatic which gets a couple of outings.
I don’t need everything to hand all the time though: it would probably be enough just to have the frequent changes covered.
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Jul 23, 2019
5:07 AM
I have the 16 harp leather case from Pinegrove - very happy with craftsmanship etc.

My only worry is that one of those filled with Manjis is a beautiful and very nickable thing.

Just checked and I said that in my review on the Pinegrove site. I still have the case, so I guess I'm just a worrier.
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Jul 23, 2019
6:09 AM
I reckon a pair of holsters would do nicely for me.
Those really look the goods. Too much good product to choose from!
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Jul 24, 2019
4:06 AM
My teacher who is blind wears a harp belt for a dozen harps.. He mentioned the belt gets heavy esp some of the custom harps are extra heavy.

I used his method for a while...never having to search of a harp or have them backwards It was easy for me after years of wearing a tool belt for work...it felt much the same only my tools were now harmonicas.

These days I still use the harp belt(s) but I tie them to a chair to take the weight off my hips & back.
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Jul 24, 2019
5:52 AM
I have ordered 1 Pinegrove Holster.
I wonder how long it will take to get here? Maybe before the end of August.
I figure that will hold my A C D and F or Bb or E and I can slip another one in a leatherman case, one in my pocket and that will probably do.
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Aug 01, 2019
5:07 PM
I have two carrying cases. One is a leather & tweed 7 harper by Jeffrey Spoor that I keep my good harps in. If you’ve ever seen one, you know they are just too cool. Top notch craftsmanship. I think I got the very last one Jeffrey made. And like bubinsqueak noted, I’d be well & truly devastated it it got nicked.

The other case is one of those Hohner 3 harp belt cases - made of “leatherette”, which must have made David (frenchette) johansen laugh. But it’s a cool little case with a belt clip that’ll be perfect for some autumnal busking. I think they are long out of production, too bad.

But here’s one on eBay for $20.


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Aug 02, 2019
5:32 PM
im such a fan of good use of leather in these applications. I guess there’s no reason other materials couldn’t function equally well but leather seems the natural fit somehow.
My pair of SilverWing ‘compact 7’ cases are just starting to show some character now. They’re feeling very familiar.
(Maybe I’ve been affected by that passage in ‘Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance’, in which Pirsig considers his motorcycle gloves. I was very impressionable at the time)

That wasn’t why I came here again though.
I was watching a video clip of Brian Cain (Australia) playing and saw he had a leather waistcoat/gilet with harp pockets set across the upper chest on either side. I’m not sure how many but maybe 4 each side.

That’s quite prominent, much like a bandolier but Brian was leading the band and was there to play so I think fine in that circumstance.

I have put my compact 7 on a long strap and wear it on my hip but I’m gonna try and rig a waist-belt for it. Might do that today in fact.
The long strap is good for wearing it under a jacket to a jam when you are not playing harp all night but want to have the harps readily to hand as needed, while having hands free and without having harps on prominent display.
I think the strap is less good on stage as the bag can swing about
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Aug 02, 2019
10:48 PM
I bought a set of Mannie and they came in a great 8 harp case that folded, had a flap and had a shoulder strap.

It would be nice in leather but it would have to be quite light weight leather as it's quite a complicated thing.

If I can work out how to do it I will post a picture.
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Aug 02, 2019
10:57 PM
Ah! Manji?
6096 posts
Aug 02, 2019
11:49 PM
I think I’ve sorted my case out, better anyway.
The case has a ring at each end. I found a pair of small carabiners to hang off the rings. The carabiners are big enough to take a belt. the case seems quite secure and comfortable and I think looks ok. Will try it at gig this Tuesday.
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Aug 03, 2019
7:53 AM
Yes Manji. sorry

Picture. Hope it works
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Aug 06, 2019
6:53 PM
I’m not sure this will work but I’ll begin by pasting a link.

I need to write a few words first though because posts which consist substantially of links can disappear.

Ok, maybe that will do it.

If this works, it’s a shot of me on stage with my improvised wearable harp ‘belt’

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Aug 06, 2019
7:13 PM
Bublnsqueak, that Manji rig looks ok.
I tried out my belt-rigged case last night and I did prefer that arrangement over the shoulder strap rig I had been using.
In fact, I began to really dislike the shoulder strap on stage, to the point that I stopped wearing them.
The belt is somehow better, mainly because it doesn’t swing about and I’m less conscious of it.
The only ‘catch’ was that I snagged my mic lead under it twice.

Oh, I’d appreciate if someone could let me know whether that photo I linked is viewable.
6106 posts
Aug 07, 2019
3:46 AM
There’s a few more photos on our Facebook page. If you want to have a look search on @thepatronsaintsbluesband
6111 posts
Aug 09, 2019
5:18 PM
Not that I’m desperate (I am!)but also, if you look at those pics and feel an urge to ‘like’ our page, don’t hold back on my account!

I’m still a bit shocked by the photos. I’ve shed 14 kilograms over the last couple of months. I’m still no lightweight but I’m not yet used to how I look now.
If I can stay on track I’ll get quite a bit lighter before the year is done.
I’ve cut out sugar, white rice, pasta, potatoes, white flour (all wheat flour really), milk, and alcohol.

It’s quite interesting (to me!) to observe the way my body is responding to this, but maybe worth a thread of its own.
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Aug 14, 2019
1:50 AM
My Pinegrove ‘holster’ has arrived!

I’ve just loaded it with 2 marine bands, a Sp20 and a Golden Melody.

Obviously it’s brand new and just been shipped around the world, it’s going to adapt to holding some harps.
The GM is a squeeze but the others were an easy fit. I expect the GM will be too. I’ll usually have MBs in it anyway.
The ‘new’ smell is not as offensive as some leather products I’ve had. It may only be on the outside anyway. Smells more like the leather conditioner than the leather.

Seems very well made, good concept. I’m looking forward to trying it this Friday, hopefully it will be aired and broken in well enough to use on stage Saturday week.

I like it.
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Aug 14, 2019
2:58 AM
In fact, I’m wearing it while I’m at home, to speed the break in and air out period. I’ve loaded it with non-essential harps so any smelliness that would permeate the harps wont be a problem.

It’s very comfortable and quite unobtrusive under my jacket. Belt loops are well placed to work around the keepers on my jeans, and large enough to easily accommodate the widest belt anyone is likely to wear, unless it’s a boxing championship or a medical or sports support.
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Aug 14, 2019
8:41 PM
Yes your picture link works.

Cool noises on your FB page.

Pictures of the new holster?
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Aug 15, 2019
3:14 AM
Thanks, bublnsqueak, I appreciate you,

Here’s a photo or 3:


You can see the thickness of the leather used. This is not a flimsy item!

And a view from the top:


Incidentally, I tried playing those harps again. They’re just as bad as I remembered them to be. I even went so far as to obtain some custom combs in the hope I could improve them. Not enough though.
The one with the translucent red comb is actually a Bluesmaster with gold Promaster covers. It’s almost acceptable but I’d have to be hard up for a D harp.

The other unmarked one is a High G, and it’s fully half-valved. It’s almost playable too, but probably not the ideal harp to learn to play the valved bends.

Here’s a view of the belt loops. Sorry, slightly blurred but good enough to see the important things.

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Aug 16, 2019
5:30 AM
It is good stuff - how leather stuff should be in my imagination.

I have the 16 harp case - not belt wearable but similar quality.

Might try and post a picture after work.
6123 posts
Aug 16, 2019
6:42 AM
I used it tonight with the band and I must say it’s an excellent solution.
It was so good that it just about totally deescalated the issue of finding the right harp to the point of disappearance.
I forgot to take a separate belt so just slipped it onto my belt that was holding my pants up. The holster has a natural curve built in which sits just right on my hip.
We are rehearsing a 75 minute set for a festival and as it happens there are only 5 different keys; 4 diatonic and a C chromatic. So it’s perfect for the gig.

What I’m trying to say is that usually for me the question of where are my harps, have I got the right one etc is always a thing. I did not quite realize what a distraction that was until tonight when the harps were just unobtrusively exactly where I needed them, to hand with no fuss. The amount of protruding harp is just right to allow easy extraction and the pouches easily accept the replacement.
A great bit of kit. I could possibly use another one but I rarely need more than 6 harps in a set.

I think the 16 case looks great too. I will probably get one.

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