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What software or app do you recommend
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Jan 21, 2018
9:13 AM
I came across Harpninja . Does it worth the money for learning the harmonica? any other software to have?
johan d
107 posts
Jan 21, 2018
11:46 PM
To check your bends...

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Jan 22, 2018
7:06 AM
Thanks I have that one I find insTuner very very helpful I have installed it on my iphone but Harpninja is better
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Feb 08, 2018
12:59 PM
I find constant use for computer software

Band-In-A-Box (http://www.pgmusic.com/): For putting together different backing track progressions, for example.

Amazing Slow Downer (https://www.ronimusic.com/) : For when you're trying to figure out something in a song and it keeps going by too fast or when you want to practice along with something slower then it's normal speed and slowly bring it up to speed over time.

Not much on my phone but I have various metronome, tuner, and keyboard applications. Definitely YouTube for when I want to jam along with something and I'm out and about.



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2500 posts
Feb 08, 2018
11:11 PM
+1 for the Amazing Slow Downer. You can also tweak the pitch. Which is very useful either transposing or fixing the pitch of old records where the pitch can be ambiguous. And you can setup/save multiple loops within a track to go over and over them. For working out a difficult phrase for instance.

Also Audacity, the all-purpose recorder.

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Feb 09, 2018
1:27 AM
Someone here put me onto AudioStretch for the iPhone and I’m very happy with it. This asd for iPhone, but with really simple a-b setting and pitch-shift and tempo and easy to load a song into it. It makes asd feel very clunky.
I can easily change the loop area and audition my loop, even play the section manually like turning the vinyl record by hand, which is actually very handy. It’s the best app I’ve found for learning from records. This week I’m learning LW mellow down easy solo with this and it’s very handy to have my loop in my pocket. I often practice while I walk so awesome to be able to check the thing on the mobile.
I have Cleartune: don’t really like it. But I keep it for some reason.
I had a metronome app, but I just didn’t use it much so let it go. I’ve got a real metronome and I’ll use that if I’m doing metronome practice. If I’m on the go I’m afraid my feet are my metronome. I just can’t grt into that kind of practice on the move.
I have istrobosoft. Honestly I use my Korg guitar tuner much more. Istrobosoft is a good app though.

I had harpninja but could never work out how it was supposed to help. I feel I must be missing the point.

But yeah, AudioStretch is great.
Marc Ihm
1 post
Dec 25, 2023
7:22 AM
If you are on a Mac or on Linux or Windows with wsl2 and if you dont fear the commandline, you may try the free, open-source program harpwise: https://github.com/marcIhm/harpwise (me beeing the author).

Its description goes: "harpwise is an interactive assistant that supports the daily practice of scales, licks, bends, warbles, intervals or note-progressions on a diatonic (richter) or chromatic harmonica for all keys. It uses your microphone and speaker."

And of course I would be glad to give any help on its installation and usage.

Last Edited by Marc Ihm on Dec 25, 2023 2:07 PM

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