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Dry Lips On Harp Slide
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Jan 21, 2017
1:59 PM
On playing the Asiabend, which is all draw with a chromatic style mouthpiece, i notice my lips really dragging on the harp and feeling really dry. It's something i don't notice much on regular diatonic. Is it just a matter of getting used to it or maybe i don't produce enough saliva! LOL! I thought maybe with not being used to the all draw technique and no blowing that this was what was causing it.
Richard Bale
2 posts
May 02, 2019
4:40 AM
well try lip balm from Reecoupons.
I also purchased from there.
The lip balm is great and not too much pricy.
I am sre it will resolve your issue.
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May 02, 2019
4:55 AM
Ha, I thought for a moment Gary was back!
But the OP is over 2 years ago!
All the best Gary. I still think it’s a shame the way that went down but whatsisface, the moron of the ocean going class, did eventually founder and go down with all hands firmly on it, I believe.

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