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For Sale or Trade: > FS Sonny Jr Cruncher, Digitech RP350
FS Sonny Jr Cruncher, Digitech RP350
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Oct 14, 2023
10:43 AM
Hello, selling my Sonny Jr Cruncher used almost exclusively for home practice and playing, and Digitech RP350 (I think it still has RIchard Hunter's patch set on it, and with his permission if so). Would prefer local pickup, I'm in Easton, PA, not far from NJ, NYC, Philly but can ship if necessary.


2 posts
Oct 16, 2023
2:35 AM
I added international shipping to the Cruncher.
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Apr 21, 2024
11:15 AM
This looks like an old post… Is this amp still available? If so, how much, what is the shipping? Any pictures?

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