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Custom Harp Amp
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May 02, 2023
5:26 PM
I had a custom amp built about 4 years ago. I wanted a 40 watt tube amp that was small enough to carry around but would get loud when needed & nstill sound good at low volume. It was built by ToneTron amps you can find Him on the web. The amp sounds great it's pretty much a Fender tweed Bassman circuit & has an Ampeg style transformer. It has 1=10" Alinco Webber & 1-10" Ceramic Weber speaker, a line out, bias switching like the Mission 50 watt amps. Gain staging which is a really cool feature for grit at lower volumes. Also a very nice warm reverb in there as well. The amp is very versatile and sounds great.
If interested shoot me an email & I can get into more detail.
I'm not playing much anymore & the amp needs a new home.
Thanks email is loubrava@comcast.net

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