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For Sale or Trade: > FS: Chrome Bullet with CM element
FS:  Chrome Bullet with CM element
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Dec 06, 2022
10:37 AM
Edit: not chrome -- brushed nickel.
99A86 CM element in a Sure brushed nickel shell w/ screw-on connector. Very gigable. (Lights the AFB+ blue light at noon on the calibration knob.)

Shell has a green Shure (Evanston) screwed on tag with 440 stamped, but Dave Kott said it looks more like a Shure Model 5 that somebody was messing with. Shell has some scratches on the side (like a screwdriver slipped while messing with the label). It seems to be a little smaller than the 520 (green bullet) -- I really like the feel of it. I hate to let go (but I don't want my wife and kids to have to figure out what to with these -- not that my passing is imminent, just inevitable!)

Can take a couple of pics. Use email at profile.

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