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For Sale or Trade: > FS: Very Strong PE54 Pistol Grip
FS:  Very Strong PE54 Pistol Grip
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Dec 05, 2022
6:37 PM
I hate to let this go, but I just haven't been using it lately -- the classic "Butterfield" microphone; 3-pin connector, with 3-pin to 1/4" cable, and a 3-pin to 1/4" female adapter (in case you want to use a standard 1/4" cable), and a padded pistol case. This has a ton of character, especially for a Butterfield fan.

And it is HOT -- for example, it really lights up a SJ410. I bought it from Tom Ellis who told me, AFTER he made the sale, "...that was a great sounding PE54, and it pushed my Sonny Jr. like crazy. Almost kept it for myself!!"

It lights the blue light on the AFB+ with the calibration knob all the way down.

I will take pics if you are seriously interested.

At $250, I will cover the shipping -- USA 48.
My email address is at profile.

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