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2 Microphones
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Dec 04, 2022
6:08 PM
Big Edit: Decided not to sell the White CR in JT30C shell -- just can't let it go.

Happy to sell this customized TURNER SHELL WITH CM ELEMEMT and volume control for $115; working well.

Turner 251 blue shell with Controlled Magnetic element (per original seller, Sonny Jr). Fin on shell is partially reduced; very good condition; comfortable to hold; volume control at rear; 1/4" female in bottom.

I can not personally say anything about the element -- I opened it up a few years ago and my notes say "can see only front of element, puttied in." I did not want to pull the element and perhaps damage the seal; still don't want to do that -- not a DIY guy.

Output? For those who know the AFB+, I can tell you that the blue light flickers when the calibration knob is about noon thirty.

I would gig with this microphone, but I have too many, and there are others I prefer, such as, wooden one from Greg H.

I can take a couple of pics if really interested. Use email address at my profile.

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