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For Sale or Trade: > Brendan Power 'Switch-Harp' kit for Suzuki harmoni
Brendan Power 'Switch-Harp' kit for Suzuki harmoni
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John M G
444 posts
Oct 09, 2021
11:15 PM
Up for sale is my Brendan Power “Switch Harp” kit.
US $80 plus shipping.
There’s no key, you have to provide your own Suzuki harmonicas in whatever keys you want to put in it. I used valved Suzuki Promasters when I assembled it. The kit comes with full instructions plus Brendans Stealth valve kit for 2 harmonicas. My kit is to suite Suzuki diatonics; Manji, Olive, Hammond, Promasters valved or non valved, Firebreath and Fabulous 20E
It’s like new except I dropped it and popped the register off one end of the plastic body. It doesn’t affect either the assembly accuracy or how it plays.
Frustratingly I did this while assembling it but there you go! Otherwise it’s done barely any work whatsoever and would suit someone looking to try this unique idea from Brendan.
These are still available from Brendan and I paid £110 without harmonicas for Aussie $200 for it direct from Brendan.
Suzuki diatonic harmonicas are the only ones that will fit this unit, either the Olive,Manji, Promaster, Hammond or Fabulous 20. It comes in its original shipping tube with all the instructions and windsaver kits. I have made custom screws and nuts that will be included with the kit making setting up and fitting that bit easier.
I really bought it for one number our band did that required a key change, but we’ve stopped playing it!
It has been thoroughly sanitized with both Isopropyl alcohol and additionally using my Turbo Harp Ozone “Bug Blaster”sanitizer and disinfector and comes from a tobacco smoke free and fully vaccinated home, well the two people who are in it are fully vaccinated!
US shipping add US $27 around another $5 for the UK and Europe
(Shipping by express post satchel anywhere in Australia add Australian $12.15)
These are the notes from Brendan’s web site giving a full description of the instrument. It’s worth watching his videos to see the potential of this set up. Here are the links where you can you can see and hear the “Switch Harp” being played;-
Here’s some notes from Brendan’s site;
The Switch-Harp
This TwinDiatonic harmonica can be configured in so many ways! It's called the Switch-Harp because the self-sealing horizontal sliding mouthpiece (patent pending) allows you to switch instantly between two 10-hole diatonics attached behind; the sound you get all depends on what setup, key and tuning you choose for the two harps. The mouth hole spacing is the same as a normal harp, and you can operate the slider with your thumb in full-cupping position.
One obvious choice for the SwitchHarp would be for the slider to select between two harmonicas a semitone apart, to make a 10 hole mini-chromatic. This could be in standard Richter tuning, or in any one of many alternate tunings (eg. PowerBender, PowerDraw, Paddy Richter, Solo Tuning, Circular Tuning, whatever you like!). And you can swap in different keys quickly and easily. I prefer it in half-valved setup, allowing your normal bends but making the non-bending notes sound stronger and with valved expression. However if the harps behind are very well customised there is the option to have them un-valved, which would allow overblow playing for those used to that style.

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