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For Sale or Trade: > HOHNER 270 CHROMONICA + Blues Harps & Others
HOHNER 270 CHROMONICA + Blues Harps & Others
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Old Iowan
3 posts
Mar 22, 2021
7:24 PM
FS/Trade - I have a like new, barely played HOHNER 270 in "C" I brought back from Germany in the early 1970s - Played very little back then and I checked it and it plays just fine - $85.00

2 HOHNER BLUES HARPS in A & G - Tried them years ago and just do not care for wood combs - Like new - $30.00 each.

One HOHNER Special 20 in A COUNTRY tuning as NEW - I don't even think I tried it $35.00.

1 set NIB HOHNER reed pates for BLUES HARP in A - $20.00

Lee Oskar MELODY MAKER in G - I don't think I even tried it - As NEW $35.00 - COUNUS ONLY - Buyer pays actual shipping cost. I can supply photos if you email me.

I'll consider any mics for harps you might want to trade- I'd also consider NIB Lee Oskar Major Diatonic in D and/or F.

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